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The University of Southampton
Biomedical Imaging Unit

Tendering for the Biomedical Imaging Unit's new transmission electron microscope is underway.

Published: 31 January 2017
Hitachi H7000 TEM
A sad day when she finally retires after decades of service - (the microscope, not the user!)

After over 30 years of faithful service, our Hitachi H7000 TEM system will finally be retired this spring.

Our H7000 has been an amazing and reliable work tool for decades, producing countless thousands of high quality micrographs (originally large format film and more recently digital) for diagnostics and research, but the time has now finally come to retire her. Although we have a virtually complete "spare" system to rob parts from, the system is electrical rather than electronic and it is increasingly hard to keep her running and to source components. Hitachi have only one engineer in the country who knows how to work with these systems and he will retire shortly, so this gives us a golden opportunity to replace the H7000 with a brand new, state of the art system to serve us for the next few decades. The new TEM is being funded chiefly by the University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust. We are currently within the tender process and we hope to install and commission the new system in early summer 2017.

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