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Things to pack and things to leave at home

Amazing! You made it! You’ve said #YesUoS! Now, before you organise your Freshers events tickets and start planning which societies to join, you’re going to have to pack. The daunting task that befalls all new freshers.

Tarry ye not, young one, for amongst all of the misleading lists and hour-long videos, I come bearing gifts. Continue on for four things you MUST bring with you to uni, and four things to avoid…


  • Documents passport etc, NI number, NHS number

Let’s get the serious one out of the way. You’ll need your passport (or a standard form of ID) to retrieve your student card, and probably to get into your halls room, your NHS number to sign up to the local GP, and your NI number if your decide to get a job on campus or in the surrounding area.


  • Pack of cards or ping-pong balls

I’m telling you, this is a sure-fire way to become the most popular person in your flat, to be able to provide the staple for pretty much all halls kitchen games, Irish Snap, Ring of Fire, Beer Pong, you name it.


  • Slippers/flip-flops (preferably not plastic ones!)

You’ll thank me for this, when you wander tired into the kitchen at 3am in search of water, you won’t want to be standing in everything your flatmates have dropped over the previous months. If you have a shared bathroom, it will be ideal to wear them in the shower too, or maybe that’s just my irrational fear of standing on drains…


  • Noise-cancelling Headphones

Self-explanatory really, for when you are studying and don’t want to hear the pre-drinks going on in the next room, or, when you want to listen to this “sick” new dubstep album that just came out and your flatmates have made it very clear that they ‘don’t want to hear that racket while they’re trying to sleep, it’s 4am for God’s sake, Ryan‘.


Leave behind

  • Mini fridge

Yeah. However much you want one, halls won’t let you (unless you have specific disability requirements) and honestly it’s more hassle than it’s worth. Do you really want gone-off food in your room as well as the kitchen?

  • An ironing board

Halls WILL provide this, not that I came across many other students who actually ironed other than me, but you will have one so you can always pick up a £6 iron from Sainos.


  • Old school notes

Trust me, you won’t need them. You definitely won’t need them if you’re studying a subject that you’ve never formally studied before like International Relations, Civil Engineering or Archaeology. Either way, it’s more likely than not that you’ll spend a lot of the first semester of first year recapping everything you already know (and some you don’t!) to make sure everyone’s at the same level. It’s not worth bringing something from a lower-level of education to university – that stuff is obsolete.


  • Printer

Again, something that’s not worth bringing, and tried and tested. I did use mine in foundation year and  first year, but then it ran out of ink. Of course, I never replaced that (do you know how much printer ink costs?!)It usually works out cheaper to just print stuff on campus. I ended up carrying around an empty printer to my second and third year houses. Little did my mum know it was empty, I didn’t have the heart to tell her. Sorry mum.


So, what’s one thing you’ll definitely be packing for uni and one thing you’ll be leaving at home? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter!



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