The University of Southampton

University staff and postgraduates launch Asylum Seeker & Refugee Support Network

The Network Launch of the new Asylum Seeker & Refugee Support Network will take place on Wednesday 15 March from 16:00 – 18:00 in Room 1015, Building 32, Highfield Campus.

Image credit: Gevgelija, Macedonia – December 23, 2015: Refugees arriving at the refugee camp of Vinojug in Gevgelija (Macedonia) after having crossed the border with Greece at Eidomeni/ Refugees crossing the border between Greece and Macedonia in Gevgelija.

Click here to register your place.

The network envisages the University as a welcoming place for refugees and asylum seekers, and is looking for staff and postgraduate students who’d like to get involved with the network’s efforts.

During the event, representative speakers from local charities and support networks (including Southampton Action, City of Sanctuary, Southampton and Winchester Visitors Group and more) will present how they (and you) can work together to help asylum seekers and refugees in the local community.

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