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The University of Southampton
Southampton Business School

Amy Morgan BSc Business Management with Placement Year

Graduating 2019

Amy Morgan's Photo

When researching universities, the University of Southampton immediately stood out due to its prodigious ratings, achievements, and facilities. I also love the city so this increased my desire to come here.

Overall I would say Southampton is a place of opportunity.


I certainly have more than a few highlights since I've been here. Making new friends and meeting new people has been a big highlight for me. I have enjoyed social events as well as gaining knowledge. I must say, discovering the endless amount of opportunities for me here has been a big highlight.

Within the university, I have applied to be a course representative and for the student consultancy programme. I am also an employee of SUSU, which is a great opportunity. Outside the university, I have signed up to become a volunteer in the Hospital, whereby I hope to teach my skills of arts and crafts to the children staying there. Another aim of mine is to organise a Student Ball to raise money for the Hospital Charity. This is a great opportunity for me as I would like to go into event organising. By participating in all of these things, I feel I can develop my skills as well as learning new ones.

I enjoy the debating aspect of my course as it motivates me to share my thoughts as well as listening to other views on a matter. My course is rather broad in the first year, which is good as you get to learn about a range of different topics.

I have attended both the Careers Fair and Opportunities Fair, where I spoke to managers and employees about their businesses. I feel by speaking to these people, it has motivated me more to achieve my goals as I got a clearer understanding of the opportunities available to me.

Southampton is firstly a beautiful city with a wide variety of shops, clubs and facilities. The University of Southampton adds to this as it has one of the best Student Unions I've seen, has a great transport system and provides great working areas. 



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