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The University of Southampton
Southampton Business School

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Photo of Iyanu Adebiyi

Being a Peer Leader in my final year was a great experience for me. It helped a lot with building my confidence and working for the University was something I had wanted to do.

Iyanu Adebiyi - BSc Management with Entrepreneurship
Photo of Adebola Adedeji

My time at Southampton broadened my horizons and accelerated my career. It was the first time I was going to be away from home for an extended period of time. My ability to make new friends, connect with people of different cultures and values, work as part of a team and do a lot of individual research are part of the skills I learnt while at Southampton.

Adebola Adedeji - MSc Management, Graduated 2011
Photo of Oluwafemi Adedipe

My proudest accomplishment may perhaps be the person I became by being a student here. I came to Southampton to learn about business but I am leaving with a bagful of so much more: a new worldview, new concepts, toolkits, mental frameworks and an incredible network of friends spanning the globe. Coming to Southampton was hands down one of the most transformative experiences of my life.

Oluwafemi Adedipe - Nigerian
Photo of Cem Araci

I was very impressed by the Effective Leadership module which is particularly useful for students who come from different nations and cultures. It combines practical and technical information with soft skills to develop your leadership ability.

Cem Araci - Full-time MBA
Photo of Matteo Bagnasco

The wide variety of modules offered throughout the three years really helped me in shaping my interests towards my future career

Matteo Bagnasco - BSc Management with Entrepreneurship
Photo of Luis Barragan

..right after graduation I got hired at Johnson Controls in the USA for a Procurement role. I can easily say that my masters degree was a key enabler for this opportunity.

Luis Barragan - MSc Supply Chain Management and Logistics
Photo of Dwayne Browne

Having been taught by a team of academics who are involved in cutting edge research meant we were able to tap into their knowledge and expertise. Coming here has introduced me not only to a new way of thinking, but also career paths I didn’t know existed.

Dwayne Browne - MSc Knowledge and Information Systems Management
Photo of Cetonya Cacho

Studying for an MBA is a real challenge but the staff at the University of Southampton Business School were very supportive and helped to create a real community atmosphere. There was a mix of students on the programme from a variety of cultures.

Cetonya Cacho - Full-time MBA
Photo of Allison Chambers

I would absolutely recommend the University of Southampton to American Students. The possibilities for degree types are endless and the University is very well known in many specialist areas. The city has everything you need and more and we are only an hour away from London which is one of my favourite cities in the world.

Allison Chambers - American
Photo of Yi-Ju Chen

I think for the Business School students, it is a good university to enhance the professional knowledge, because we have different optional courses and modules to choose from.

Yi-Ju Chen - MSc Marketing Management
Photo of Alan Coleman

Highlights of my time at the University include excellent lecturers, who made complex matters such as financial accounting come to life.

Alan Coleman - BSc Management
Photo of Christopher Condron

The MBA encouraged me to take a broader approach to looking at and solving problems.

Christopher Condron - MBA
Photo of Alice  Coulton

Many doctors are already studying for MBAs so I feel I'll have a head start in my career. Thanks to my management degree, I believe I now have a diverse understanding of people, business and management which I can apply to my future medical practice.

Alice Coulton - BSc Management 2013
Photo of Alastair Croker

Joining one of the world's leading management consultancies has enabled me to experience and interact with key decision makers across industry and government. This has been invaluable experience.

Alastair Croker - BSc Accounting and Finance
Photo of Adam Cunnington

The course allowed me to learn what it was that I particularly enjoyed and then provided the scope for me to pursue and specialise in that area. I learnt a great deal about different facets of management.

Adam Cunnington - BSc Management
Photo of Jazmin Curzon

My time at University wouldn’t have been the same without the amazing people I met along the way, both fellow students and staff. The lectures and their passion for the subjects they teach inspired and motivated me throughout my years at Southampton.

Jazmin Curzon - BSc Marketing, 2016
Photo of Thong Dao

Southampton is a great place to study. The modules are well organised and cover key knowledge on the subject.

Thong Dao - MSc International Financial Markets
Photo of Yen Do

What impressed me is the way of teaching and learning in class.

Yen Do - MSc Marketing Management
Photo of Kathryn Dover

I made a lot of great friends at Southampton and it’s kindled a passion for learning. I know I want to do an MBA at some time in the future.

Kathryn Dover - BSc Management, 2016
Photo of Salma El Youmi

The infrastructure of the university is ideal. We also feel like we always have someone to talk to if we struggle, may it be a professor, a tutor or even an advisor. Southampton has a diverse campus where I honestly feel like I don’t stand out, in a good way, I am free to just be who I am. I never thought I would be able to leave home for a long period of time and not only survive but actually enjoy every single minute of it.

Salma El Youmi - Moroccan
Photo of Simon Emeny

Enjoy every minute of every day; don’t hold back on anything, it is a wonderful period in your life.

Simon Emeny - BSc Accounting & Economics
Photo of Alexander Eriksen

Undertaking a placement as part of my degree, was an invaluable learning experience and ultimately resulted in a full-time graduate role upon completion of my degree.

Alexander Eriksen - BSc Marketing
Photo of Olubumni Fatunmbi

My time during my programme at Southampton helped me to understand how to better position myself at the intersection of technology, business and management. I gained significant subject knowledge expertise, as well as a better understanding of how to transfer and relate skills set in corporate environments.

Olubumni Fatunmbi - MSc Knowledge and Information Systems Management
Photo of Jonathan Flint

The MBA was pivotal in my management career,” he says. “I came from a science background but always enjoyed working with people. Studying for an MBA added new dimensions to my career. I found learning about economics, HR management and contract law particularly rewarding.

Jonathan Flint - MBA
Photo of Leonie Frenkel

Having studied Management at postgraduate level, I feel much more confident working at Estee Lauder as I had learned so many things which in practice turned out to be exactly as the theory presented to us by our teachers.

Leonie Frenkel - MSc Management
Photo of Adrian Fry

I’d recommend the Southampton MBA to anyone who wants to push boundaries, meet interesting people and come out of the experience more well-rounded and able to think more deeply.

Adrian Fry - MBA part-time
Photo of David Grady

As a consultant I feel I have differentiated myself from others by studying a DBA at University of Southampton.

David Grady - DBA
Photo of Ayesha Hatteea

I love that the University offers these great work experiences to the students, helping us to boost our CV and enhance our personalities.

Ayesha Hatteea - BSc Accounting and Finance
Photo of Alex Howard

Time at University gave me the confidence to try new things, meet new people and earn a degree.

Alex Howard - BSc Accounting and Finance
Photo of Anisha Kshetrapal

With the collaborations that the University has with EMFD, and its own Career Center I have managed to get mentored in job seeking and have had a great experience of working in numerous industries.

Anisha Kshetrapal - MSc Entrepreneurship and Management
Photo of Dr Stephen Lash

This was the most significant period of education I’ve had. It changed my ways of thinking, made me appreciate the contributions and skills of other people and introduced me to new concepts such as strategy and marketing.

Dr Stephen Lash - MBA
Photo of Kieran Lees

Southampton’s MBA has a very pragmatic and leadership oriented curriculum.

Kieran Lees - MBA
Photo of Athena Liu

I successfully secured a placement year with Norwegian Cruise Lines with massive help from the Placements Office. I worked as a Business Operation (Planning and Analysis) Intern. Being exposed to the business operation of an international cruise company was an incredible and insightful experience.

Athena Liu - Accounting and Finance (with placement)
Photo of James Marti

My postgraduate study has undoubtedly been worth the cost. I don’t think I would have my current job without my MSc from Southampton, and I certainly wouldn’t know nearly as much about finance as I now do – although, I realise, I have barely scratched the surface.

James Marti - MSc International Financial Markets
Photo of Dan Meakin

My management with entrepreneurship course prepared me very well for the working world.

Dan Meakin - BSc Management with Entrepreneurship
Photo of Safiya Mohamed Al-Jabry

I would definitely recommend Southampton because of the facilities provided by the University and the modules offered.

Safiya Mohamed Al-Jabry - MSc Finance
Photo of Sylvia Ndikumasabo

My experience of studying at the University of Southampton wholly prepared me for my future employment by allowing me to get the right balance of skills and by exposing me to the professional world early on in my career.

Sylvia Ndikumasabo - MSc Management Sciences and Finance
Photo of Ngoc Nhu Nguyen

Ever since a close friend of mine who studied at Southampton University informed me of the school, I dreamt of studying in this inspiring environment. I would recommend the school for those who wish to grow both academically and personally and to be trained by one of the best professors and learning facilities in the world.

Ngoc Nhu Nguyen - Vietnamese
Photo of Vlad Novikov

My University of Southampton experience has been amazing and full of various emotions. It has become a new chapter of my life and I am happy I made Southampton my prime choice of universities in UK. I will definitely recommend it as it allows a person to understand UK culture by just being a student of Southampton and also because Southampton diploma opens a world of opportunities.

Vlad Novikov - Russian
Photo of Edgar Obregón

Coming to Southampton has not only enriched me academically, thanks to the academics being true experts in their fields, it has also made me grow in ways which I never imagined.

Edgar Obregón - MSc Project Management
Photo of Wahyu Sri Pamungkas

Studying in the UK has landed me a job in one of key sectors in Indonesia. My experience at Southampton, studying a UK business case, understanding how UK expertise works, has helped me understand better about my current work

Wahyu Sri Pamungkas - Master in Business Administration (MBA)
Photo of Christina Parry

I always felt at home at Southampton and would recommend the University to anyone.

Christina Parry - BSc International Marketing
Photo of Laura Piastrellini

I loved the international environment. Everyone is friendly and you feel welcomed.

Laura Piastrellini - Master of Business Administration
Photo of Rui Gomes Pinto

My degree offered a myriad of opportunities to practice working in small and large teams which has proved essential in the workplace.

Rui Gomes Pinto - BSc Management and MSc Risk Management
Photo of Merete Poulsen

As well as learning the essential information you need to be an accountant, there is scope to broaden your knowledge.

Merete Poulsen - BSc Accounting and Finance
Photo of Tom Rossi

The degree at Southampton has opened my eyes to many interesting areas of business and management, and has reinforced my long-term interest in finance.

Tom Rossi - BSc Accounting and Finance
Photo of Matias Rubiolo

I’m sure I wouldn’t have secured my roles at the European Investment Bank and PwC without my MBA.

Matias Rubiolo - Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Photo of Houry Sarafian

With all the available reputable universities in UK, the University of Southampton was the perfect fit for everything I was searching for. The University of Southampton gave me much more than a Masters degree printed on a piece of paper but rather a well rounded experience of what it takes to become a better version of myself.

Houry Sarafian - Armenian, Lebanese
Photo of Michael Stark

You gain the most benefit when you are working hard and being challenged.

Michael Stark - MBA
Photo of Kaya Stefferud

The fact that BSc Marketing students at the University are some of the few who are accredited to do the IDM Digital Marketing qualification is really valuable!

Kaya Stefferud - BSc Marketing
Photo of Ashley Stout

The programme offered a more forward-thinking view of the marketing profession that I felt would be invaluable when it came time to start my career.

Ashley Stout - MSc Digital Marketing
Photo of Godwin Taurai Hungwe

Studying at the University of Southampton was a truly life-changing experience. The lecturers were inspiring and always willing to help. The support the University provided was invaluable.

Godwin Taurai Hungwe - BSc Accounting and Finance, MSc Accounting and Finance
Photo of Damilola Teidi-Ayoola

Taking the course was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I enjoyed everything about it: the lecturers, the coursework and my classmates, some of whom have become friends for a lifetime. It gave me all the theoretical knowledge I needed to satisfy my interest, gave me a sound background, and got me excited about the future.

Damilola Teidi-Ayoola - MSc Business Strategy and Innovation Management
Photo of Nguyen Thi Bao Ngan

The course was well blended of theory and practical experiences. I got to solve real case issues and developed a business plan for a social enterprise company in the region.

Nguyen Thi Bao Ngan - MSc Global Enterprise and Entrepreneurship (now MSc Entrepreneurship and Management)
Photo of Amanda Lim Yu Ting

For students deciding whether or not to study overseas, I strongly urge you to take that leap of faith. The British learning environment is truly different from ours, it challenges your opinions and makes you think out of the box...because University is about finding the answers yourself.

Amanda Lim Yu Ting - Singaporean
Photo of Alex Tschan

My executive role within the business and entrepreneurship society ‘Fish on Toast’ significantly helped me to develop leadership, managerial and organisational skills.

Alex Tschan - BSc Management
Photo of Helen Vacher

In the autumn, I’m starting work for a market research company in London and I’m sure my experience with Renault helped me get the job. My ambition is to work abroad.

Helen Vacher - BSc Marketing with placement
Photo of Thomas Van Etten

The course combined the practical side of marketing with management techniques which will be invaluable as my career develops.

Thomas Van Etten - MSc Marketing Management
Photo of Cheng Wang

I believe this opportunity to take on a real-life project as part of your degree gives students experience which is invaluable in your career

Cheng Wang - MSc Management Sciences
Photo of Dao Hai Yen

The MSc programme has provided me with a strong statistical foundation as well as hands-on practice with different kinds of software

Dao Hai Yen - MSc Business Analytics and Management Sciences
Photo of Yi (Helena) Zhu

What I learnt in the Business School was not limited to the financial sheets or return on investment, but a logical mind set with can-do spirits. The Business School gave me a great exposure to the real business world, such as career talks and networking events.

Yi (Helena) Zhu - MSc Accounting and Finance, BSc Accounting and Finance
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