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Anisha Kshetrapal MSc Entrepreneurship and Management, 2020

Junior Marketing Consultant, Riva Digital

Anisha Kshetrapal's Photo

With the collaborations that the University has with EMFD, and its own Career Center I have managed to get mentored in job seeking and have had a great experience of working in numerous industries.

Why did you choose to come and study at Southampton?

Initially, I chose University of Southampton due to the excellent Business School rank and the Management module offered with the Entrepreneurship course. Once I received my offer letter, I researched more about the choices of Universities, and was delighted by the Highfield campus, Hartley library, Student Union and testimonials from previous student. UoS provided an environment for students to grow, and it was clearly reflected through testimonials and videos curated by students. Other than that, University also offers Career Centers, incubators and business-related services which piqued my interest. I finalised my choice of University when I got to know that students who pursued their under-graduation degree, have also pursued their doctorates at UoS. I am glad to have made the right choice.

What were your highlights/best experiences?

Along with studies, I also pursued a job opportunity with the Student Union, and met 100s of new students, lecturers and got the opportunity to network. I also participated in the election campaign held by SUSU, and the experience was phenomenal as I was able to be a part of the huge student community. Southampton city, and university has amazing people who are friendly and supportive. My lecturers were brilliant, and were always ready to take questions of students, and dedicate their time completely to answer any concern.

What other activities did you take advantage of whilst at University?

While I was at the University, I was working with the Student Union, was a part of Business and Cultural societies, elected as a Course Representative. I also frequently visited the Career centre for fantastic advice on upskilling and employability. I was a part of a pitch competition, called Catalyst Challenge, which was very fun and educational. It was a practical experience that enriches a student’s academics, as they apply theory in a practical environment. I also managed to travel with the student groups to Brighton and Seven Seas, both very wonderful and beautiful places.

What did you enjoy most about your course?

The innovative and interactive modules were fun to attend, and very educational. I also loved to get feedback on my work and managed to speak to my lecturers anytime I had a doubt. Lecturers were great at facilitating the learning and made sure that students used their creativity to understand complex concepts. My course also allowed me to befriend international students and gained experience of working in a group dynamic filled with diversity.

What are you currently up to / what's your ambition?

I am interning with a marketing agency in Southampton, called Rika Digital. I work as a Junior Marketing Consultant, applying all that I learnt to practice and work with high profile clients. Due to the University lecturers, I developed a passion towards digital marketing, and it is my ambition to increase digital footprint, and reduce my carbon footprint. I would love to work in digital marketing field and learn/grow at every stage.

What have been the highlights of your career to date?

I worked with the biggest hospitality organisation, The Oberoi Hotels in India. After coming to Southampton, I have worked with numerous start-ups and with my learnings, I have implemented brilliant campaigns which achieved great success. I have also worked with the University to ensure that students have an enriched experience at UoS. Currently, I am working with a great clientele, and learning practical implications of the theory I have learnt.

How did your time at Southampton help you to grow as a person and help you get to where you are now?

Due to the passion, I developed for digital marketing at UoS, I have worked very hard to increase my knowledge and digital footprint in various ways. University offered LinkedIn Learning, and networks for me to learn the necessary skills. With the collaborations that University has with EMFD, and its own Career Center I have managed to get mentored in job seeking and have had a great experience of working in numerous industries.

What adviec would you give to a student considering Southampton?

Explore the opportunities the University has to offer, as they seem endless to me. Try to be involved in every aspect of the University, and you will have an amazing student life. Also, lecturers and Student Life team are a great help when you’re feeling stressed. Also, remember to have fun, and work hard!

What tips would you give to a current student looking to start a career in your sector?

Use LinkedIn to learn more about the industry and keep educating yourself. Approach opportunities with an open mind and be passionate about what you do. Do not restrict yourself and explore as much as possible. Network with University staff and students, to get connected to industry experts.

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