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Children's Hospital of Winsconsin

Our analytical expertise is making a difference to a major American hospital.

The Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, located in Milwaukee, worked with our management science specialists to improve healthcare quality and outcomes in the paediatric intensive care unit and operating theatres.

The three-year partnership with Southampton’s Professor Terry Williams and Professor Sally Brailsford involved extensive analysis of existing practices and the use of simulation techniques to model alternatives.

The hospital’s emergency department and trauma centre is one of the busiest in the United States, treating almost 60,000 patients every year.

Dr Ramesh Sachdeva believes the collaboration with Southampton Business School academics was extremely valuable. He says: “We now have a much better understanding of the flow through our intensive care unit and operating rooms."

He particularly appreciates Southampton’s approach to the challenge. “Management science in the US concentrates on hard science; British colleagues integrate softer techniques such as cognitive mapping, which are key in a healthcare setting.”

Related Staff Member

The experience has been very, very positive for us as we plan for the expansion of our hospital. Many of the recommendations from the University of Southampton have been included in our strategic planning.

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