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June research highlights from Southampton Business School

Published: 10 July 2017
Southampton Business School

This page provides a spotlight on some of the most recent activity in Southampton Business School, with news about publications, speaking engagements and funded research.

Special Achievements

Congratulations to Paulina Sikorska (Law) and Kun Duan (Business) who have been presented with the Doctoral College Director’s award for exceptional achievements in “Enterprise and Impact”. This is to recognise their contribution to the success of the University of Southampton Small Business Clinic.

Mike Molesworth won a 'Highly commended’ award for a paper published last year in Journal of Marketing Management (ABS2*): Watkins R, Denegri-Knott, J and Molesworth, M (2016) The relationship between ownership and possession: observations from the context of digital virtual goods, Journal of Marketing Management, Volume 32 Issue 1-2, pp.44-70.

Ven Tauringana was elected as the President of the African Accounting and Finance Association for two-year term: see at its annual Conference in South Africa;

Ven Tauringana was also appointed as Associate Editor of the Journal of Accounting in Emerging Economies (ABS 2*): see Laura Costanzo has won the SIMA-EURAM Special Award for Best Paper in International Management SMEs.

Laura Costanzo, Knut Lange and Shihang Su. For the paper "SMEs Entrepreneurial Dynamics within the Chinese Institutional Framework".

Papers Accepted

Bijak, K., & Thomas, L. C. (2017). Underperforming performance measures? A review of measures for Loss Given Default models. The Journal of Risk Model Validation. [ABS 1*]

Cantore, S. (2017) Leading transformational culture change through conversations. Management in Healthcare Vol.2 (2017-18)

Liu, G., Ko, W. W., Ngugi, I. and Takeda, S. (2017), “Proactive Entrepreneurial Behaviour, Market Orientation, and Innovation Outcomes: A Study of Small- and Medium-sized Manufacturing Firms in the UK”, European Journal of Marketing, DOI: 10.1108/EJM-11-2016-0663. [ABS 3*]

Batten, J., Lucey, B. M., McGroarty, F., Peat, M., Urquhart, A. (2017). Does intraday technical trading have predictive power in precious metal markets? Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money, forthcoming. [ABS 3*]

M. Sung, D. McDonald, J.E.V. Johnson. Informed trading, market efficiency and volatility. Economics Letters [ ABS 3*].

Xie, F., Potts, C.N. and Bektas, T. Iterated local search for workforce scheduling and routing problems. Accepted for publication in the Journal of Heuristics [ABS 3*]

Lichtenstein, S., Lichtenstein, G., and Higgs, M.J. Personal values at work: a mixed-methods study of executives’ strategic decision-making; Journal of General Management [ABS 2*]

Papers Published

Baden, D.: 2017b, 'On Western bias against Cuba', International Journal of Cuban Studies 9 (1), 16-19.

Conference Papers

T. Baker, M. Sung, J.E V Johnson, T. Ma Pedigree and performance – Insights in racetrack betting markets., Melbourne Data Science Conference, 29 May-2 June, 2017, Melbourne, Australia

Baden, D. (2017). The differential effects of exposure to positive and negative role models and news stories on behaviour. Paper presented at the Making people feel bad: What is the role of negative appeals in marketing?, Queen Mary University of London. April 2017.

Brown, S. & Gong, J. "Supply Chain Learning Of Sustainability In Multi-Tier Supply Chains: A Resource Orchestration Perspective". The EurOMA conference, Edinburgh. This paper was the runner up best paper award for the EuroMA 2017 conference.

Cantore, S. A workshop ‘ After the Flood: forming green shoots by co-designing management learning’ at the Management and Organizational Behavior Teaching Society 2017 Conference on 16th June in Providence, Rhode Island, USA.

Dawson, I.G.J. & Dohle, S. (2017) Synergistic risk and decision making: A study of whether knowledge of harmful drug-drug interactions affects drug dosing behaviours. Paper presented at 26th Society for Risk Analysis – Europe – Conference, Lisbon, Portugal, 19-21 June 2017.

Eross, A., McGroarty, F., Urquhart, A., Wolfe, S. The Intraday Dynamics of Bitcoin. Presented at the 15th INFINITI Conference on International Finance, Valencia, Spain.

J.C Moreno-Paredes, M. Sung, T, Ma, J.E.V. Johnson. Smart mobile apps. Competitive Advantage in the Digital Economy (CADE) Forum, Venice, June 2017

Pina, K. and Tether, B. ‘What do we know about Knowledge Intensive Business Services?: A systematic and critical review of the literature’, at the EURAM in Glasgow (Scotland, UK), 21-24 June 2017.

Urquhart, A., McGroarty, F., Platanakis, E., Sakkas, A. The Power of the Turn-of-the-Month: An Asset Allocation Perspective. Presented at the 15th INFINITI Conference on International Finance, Valencia, Spain.

PhD Completions

Phuoc Le supervised by Tri-dung Nguyen and Tolga Bektas.

Mona Seyed Esfahani supervised by Mel Ashleigh and Weisha Wang.

Majedh Al-Asiry supervised by Teeven Soobaroyen and Fatimah Zainudin.

Xiangyun Lu supervised by Laura Costanzo and external supervisor.

Cagla Yavuz supervised by Mine Karatas-Ozkan and external supervisor.

Book Chapters and Reports

Bektas, T. (2017). Freight Transport and Distribution: Concepts and Optimisation Models. Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press.

Vadim Grinevich with Franz Huber and Linda Baines are among authors of a recently published high profile EU report “Exploratory Study of consumer issues in peer-topeer platform markets”. Its findings are feeding into the ongoing review of core EU consumer and marketing laws for the digital age, relevant enforcement activities and the monitoring of the development of the collaborative economy. Further details can be found on the European Commission website:   

Grigore G, Molesworth, M and Farache F (2017), ‘When corporate responsibility meets digital technology: A reflection on new discourses’, in Grigore, G., Stancu, A., and McQueen, D. (eds) Corporate Responsibility and Digital Communities: An International Perspective towards Sustainability, Palgrave Studies in Governance, Leadership and Responsibility.

Grigore G, Molesworth, M (2017) ‘Pouring politics down our throats’: Political CSR communication and consumer catharsis’, in Crowther D (ed), Reinventing CSR, Emerald Book Series: Developments in Corporate Governance and Responsibility.


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