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November research highlights from the Business School

Published: 8 December 2017
SBS research highlights

This month, we cast a spotlight on some of the most recent activity in Southampton Business School, including publications, speaking engagements and funded research.

Special Achievements

Andrew Urquhart has been appointed an Associate Editor of the European Journal of Finance (3*).

PhD Completions

The University Senate recently awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) to the following candidates:
Will Donald, PhD in Management, Supervised by Prof Yehuda Baruch and Dr Melanie Ashleigh

Papers Accepted

Chipulu, Maxwell., Marshall, Alasdair. (2017), An examination of the ‘rule of law’ and ‘justice’ implications in Online Dispute Resolution in construction projects, International Journal of Project Management,(ABS 2*), 0263-7863

De Caux, Robert., McGroarty, Francis., Brede, Markus. (2017), Growth and collapse, International Journal of Computational Economics and Econometrics, 1757-1170

Degl'innocenti, Marta. (2017), Financial centres’ competitiveness and economic convergence: evidence from the EU regions, Environment and Planning A, (ABS 4*), 0308-518X

Demirel Liu, Pelin. (2017), The impact of regulatory complexity upon self-regulation, Journal of Environmental Management, 0301-4797

Marshall, Alasdair., Chipulu, Maxwell. (2017), A futility, perversity and jeopardy critique of risk appetite, International Journal of Organizational Analysis, 1934-8835

Mishra, Tapas., (2017), Does social identity matter in individual alienation? Household-level evidence in post-reform India, World Development, (ABS 3*), 0305-750X

Duan, Kun., Tapas Mishra and Mamata Parahi (2017). Space Matters: Understanding the Real Effects of Macroeconomic Variations in Cross-country Housing Price Movement'', accepted for publication in Economics Letters, ABS 3*.

Ntim, Collins., (2017), Bank opacity and risk-taking, Journal of Financial Stability, (ABS 3*), 572-3089

Nasr, M. and Ntim, C.G. ‘Corporate Governance Mechanisms and Accounting Conservatism: Evidence from Egypt’, Corporate Governance, [In Press]. [ABS 2*].

Oguz, Murat, Bektas, Tolga., Bennell, Julia. 2017), Multicommodity flows and benders decomposition for restricted continuous location problems, European Journal of Operational Research, ABS 4*), 0377-2217

Tantisantiwong, Nongnuch. (2017), East meets West: when the Islamic and Gregorian calendars coincide, British Accounting Review, (ABS 3*), 0890-8389

Zalata, Alaa., Tauringana, Venancio. (2017), Audit committee financial expertise, gender, and earnings management: Does gender of the financial expert matter?, International Review of Financial Analysis, (ABS 3*), 1057-5219

Published Papers

Bravo, Cristian., Baesens, Bart. (2017), Social network analytics for churn prediction in Telco: model building, evaluation and network architecture, Expert Systems with Applications, (ABS 3*), 0957-4174

Chen, Cheng. (2017), Responsible brands vs active brands? An examination of brand personality on brand awareness, brand trust, and brand loyalty, Marketing Intelligence & Planning, (ABS 1*) 0263-4503

Ma, Tiejun. (2017), An ensemble approach to link prediction, IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, 1041-4347

Nisar, Tahir. (2017), What factors determine e-satisfaction and consumer spending in e-commerce retailing?, Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 0969-6989

Ntim, Collins. (2017), Corporate governance, Islamic governance and earnings management in Oman: A new empirical insights from a behavioural theoretical framework, Journal of Accounting in Emerging Economies, (ABS 2*), 2042-1168

Ntim, Collins., Soobaroyen, Teerooven., Broad, Martin. (2017), Governance structures, voluntary disclosures and public accountability: the case of UK higher education institutions, Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal, (ABS 3*), 0951-3574

Ramoglou, Efstratios. (2017), Accepting the unknowables of entrepreneurship and overcoming philosophical obstacles to scientific progress, Journal of Business Venturing Insights

Urquhart, Andrew. (2017), How predictable are precious metal returns?, European Journal of Finance, (ABS 3*), 1351-847X

Ntim, Collins. (2017), The effect of Islamic values on voluntary corporate governance disclosure: The case of Saudi listed firms, Journal of Islamic Accounting and Business Research, (ABS 1*), 1759-0817

Beigi, Mina. (2017), Work-family interface in the context of career success, Human Relations, (ABD 4*) 0018-7267

Chughtai, Hameed. (2017), Entering the field in qualitative field research, Information Systems Journal, (ABS 3*), 1350- 1917, 1365-2575

Conference Papers

Munson, Joanna, Elizabeth., Tiropanis, Thanassis., Lowe, Michelle. Online grocery shopping, INSCI 2017, The 4th International Conference on Internet Science

Broad, Martin. Innovation, leadership and globalisation, 4th International Conference on International Marketing (ICIM2017)

El-Helaly, M., Al-Gazzar, M., and Ntim, C.G ‘National Culture, Diffusion Theory and IFRS Adoption around the World’, In Accounting and Finance Research Seminar Series, Hull University Business School, University of Hull, UK, November 2017.

Book Chapters

Bektas, Tolga. Freight Transport and Distribution

Munson, Joanna, Elizabeth., Tiropanis, Thanassis., Lowe, Michelle. Online grocery shopping, Internet Science. INSCI 2017

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