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May research highlights and achievements from the Business School

Published: 12 June 2018
SBS research and achievements

We cast a spotlight on some of the most recent activity in Southampton Business School, including publications, speaking engagements and funded research.


Bart Baesens, Cristian Bravo, Profit Driven Business Analytics

Fayolle, A., Ramoglou, S., Karatas-Ozkan, M. & Nicolopoulou, K. (Eds.), Philosophical Reflexivity and Entrepreneurship Research. London: Routledge.

Book Chapters

Steffen Bayer, Healthcare human resource planning, Operations Research Applications in Health Care Management

Tapas Mishra, Regional dynamics of rural credit and growth in India, Sustaining High Growth in India

Tapas Mishra, Does social cohesion limit uncertainties in economic growth, Sustaining High Growth in India

Collins Ntim, Defining corporate governance, Global Encyclopedia of Public Administration, Public Policy, and Governance

PhD Completions

The University Senate recently awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) to the following candidate:

• Hana Bawazir, PhD in Management, supervised by Professor Simon Wolfe and Dr Marta Degl’Innocenti

• Ganye Kwah Driscole, PhD in Management, supervised by Dr Honora Smith and Dr Jonathan Klein

• Juan Carlos Moreno Paredes, PhD in Management, supervised by Professor Vanessa Sung, Dr Tiejun Ma and Professor Christophe Mues

Other Special Achievements

Tahir Nisar has been appointed Associate Editor of Management Decision, ABS2* journal.

Martin Broad has been appointed Chair of the International Committee of the Chartered Association of Business Schools.

Jack Gong's research “Supply chain learning of sustainability in China: What role does MNCs’ leadership play?” has been chosen, by the editorial team of International Journal of Operations & Production Management as a Highly Commended Award winner of the 2017 Emerald/EFMD Outstanding Doctoral Research Awards in the Operations and Production Management category.

Richard Werner was invited as expert to the German Science Council to assess three major multi-year institutional government funding applications by leading financial market research institutes.

Andrew Urquhart was awarded the best paper award at the Cryptocurrency Research Conference, Cambridge, UK for the paper, “Should Investors Include Bitcoin in Their Portfolios? A Portfolio Theory Approach”.

Official Research Grant Project Reports by Collins Ntim for the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education, London, England UK:
• ‘Governance and Risk Disclosure Practices in UK Higher Education Institutions in an Era of Austerity and Reform’,
• ‘A Simple Best Practice Guide for Making Risk Management Disclosures by Governing Boards and Senior Managers’

Conference Papers

Di Luo, Liquidity risk and the labor hiring premium, 2018 British Accounting and Finance Association Annual Meeting

Fraser McLeod, Thomas Cherrett, Tolga Bektas, Thuba Nguyen, ICT for Sustainable Last-Mile Logistics: Data, People and Parcels,

Athanasios Sakkas, Andrew Urquhart, Basking in reflected glory and stock returns, British Accounting and Finance Association (BAFA) Annual Conference

Andrew Urquhart, Should investors include bitcoin in their portfolios? A portfolio theory approach, Cryptocurrency Research Conference 2018

Baxter, D., Taylor, R., Harris, L., Exploring the future of work: The effects of distributed work on social capital and innovation”. , EURAM conference proceedings. European Academy of Management, Reykjavik, Iceland, June 20-22.

Trott, P., Baxter, D., Ellwood, P. , How relevant is stage-gate today?” Proceedings of the 25th IPDMC: Innovation and Product Development Management Conference, Porto, Portugal, June 10-13.

Taylor, K., Baxter, D. and Sunley, P., An exploration of the use of Digital Platforms for Individual Entrepreneurship in Trinidad and Tobago”., Poster presented at WebSci’18, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 28 May.

Vahidi, R., Educating Responsible Leaders: Managing a project or business as usual?, PRME Regional Chapter UK & Ireland, 5th Annual Conference. Queen Mary, University of London, June 2018.

Vahidi, R., Educating Responsible Leaders: Do they actually get the opportunities for becoming responsible?, PRME Regional Chapter UK & Ireland, 5th Annual Conference. Queen Mary, University of London, June 2018.

Jaakkola, M., Frösén, J., Luoma, J., Tikkanen, H. and Aspara, J.: Configuring Business Process Capabilities for High Profitability: Multi-level Approach to Capability Profiles. Academy of Marketing Science Annual conference 2018, New Orleans, USA.

Luoma, J., Frösén, J., Jaakkola M. and Tikkanen, H.: Marketing Analytics as an Organizational Capability: Assessment of Performance Implications. Academy of Marketing Science Annual conference 2018; New Orleans, USA

Published Papers

Tahir Nisar, Trains and Twitter, Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, (2018), (ABS 3*)

Tahir Nisar, Lubica Strakova, Social media information benefits, knowledge management and smart organizations, Journal of Business Research, (2018), (ABS 3*)

Thuba Nguyen, Capacity planning with demand uncertainty for outpatient clinics, (2018), (ABS 4*)

Murat Oguz, Tolgas Bektas, Julia Bennell, Multicommodity flows and benders decomposition for restricted continuous location problems, European Journal of Operational Research, (2018), (ABS 4*)

Ming-Chien Sung, Meeting expectations at the Olympic Games, (2018), (ABS 4*)

Ming-Chien Sung, Fraser-mackenzie, Peter AF, Johnson, Johnnie, Toward an understanding of the origins of the favourite-longshot bias: Evidence from online poker markets, a real-money natural laboratory, Economica, (2018), (ABS 4**)

Nongnuch Tantisantiwong, Islamic calendar anomalies, Qualitative Research in Financial Markets, (2018), (ABS 1*)

Andrew Urquhart, What causes the attention of Bitcoin?, Economics Letters, (2018), (ABS 3*)

Michail Veliziotis, Measuring compliance with minimum wags, Journal of Economic and Social Measurement, (2018)

Papers Accepted

Special acknowledgement for 4 double star papers to Vanessa, Johnnie and Stratos!

Mina Beigi, Intelligent career success, Journal of Vocational Behavior, (2018), (ABS 4*)

Cheng Chen, Size does matter, Computers in Human Behavior, , (2018), (ABS 3*)

Laura A. Costanzo, Organisational Ambidexterity in the UK Financial Services: A Corporate Level Perspective, European Management Review, (2018), (ABS 3*)

Roy Edwards, Enterprise vs product logic, Business History, (2018), (ABS 3*)

Thuba Nguyen, Tolga Bektas, Thomas Cherrett, Fraser Mcleod, Optimising Parcel Deliveries in London Using Dual-Mode Routing, Journal of the Operational Research Society, J, (2018), (ABS 3*)

Efstratios Ramoglou, Opportunities are conditions of successful entrepreneurship, Academy of Management Review, (2018), (ABS 4**)

Anne Sweeney, Malcolm Higgs, Nicholas Clarke, Shared leadership in commercial organizations, International Journal of Management Reviews, (2018), (ABS 3*)

Zalata, A., Ntim, C.G., Aboud, A. and Gyapong, E, Female CEOs and Core Earnings Quality: New Evidence on the Ethics versus Risk-aversion Puzzle, Journal of Business Ethics, (2018), (ABS 3*)

Yamak, S., Ergur, A., Karatas-Ozkan, M. and Tatli, A. , CSR and leadership approaches and practices

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