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Latest research news and achievements from SBS – February 2020

Published: 19 March 2020
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We cast a spotlight on some of the most recent activity in Southampton Business School, including publications, special achievements and funded research in February 2020.

Papers Accepted

Brito, Mario (2020), Human error in autonomous underwater autonomous vehicle deployment: a systems dynamics approach, Risk Analysis, 0272-4332, (ABS 4*)

Frei, Regina (2020), Sustainable reverse supply chains and circular economy in multichannel retail returns, Business Strategy and the Environment, 0964-4733, (ABS 3*)

Beullens, Patrick, Ghiami, Yousef (2020), The continuous resupply policy for deteriorating items with stock-dependent observable demand in a two-warehouse and two-echelon supply chain, Applied Mathematical Modelling, 0307-904X,

Hanoch, Yaniv (2020), Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Young Driver-Education Intervention: Learn2Live, Transportation Research Part F: Traffic Psychology and Behaviour, 1369-8478,

Hearn, Bruce (2020), A reassessment of stock market integration in SADC:  the case of Namibia, Development Southern Africa, 0376-835X,

Hidayah, Nunung Nurul (2020), Identity drift: The multivocality of ethical identity in Islamic Financial Institution, Journal of Bussiness Ethics, 0167-4544, (ABS 3*)

Karatas-Ozkan, Mine (2019), Business incubator managers' perceptions of their role and performance success: role demands, constraints and choices, European Management Review, 1740-4754, (ABS 3*)

Kusi-Sarpong, Simonov (2020), Analyzing the impact of environmental collaboration among supply chain stakeholders on a firm’s sustainable performance, Operations Management Research, 1936-9735, (ABS 1*)

Ntim, Collins, Lassou, Philippe J (2020), How the colonial legacy frames state audit institutions in Benin that fail to curb corruption, Critical Perspectives on Accounting, 1045-2354, (ABS 3*)

Li, Pingli (2020), Portfolio of IT investment and organisational performance. Moderating role of decentralised decision making, International Journal of Business Information Systems, 1746-0972, (ABS 1*)

Lopez Lamelas, Maria Del Carmen (2020), Risk analysis of the agri-food supply chain: A multi-method approach., International Journal of Production Research, 0020-7343, (ABS 3*)

Lopez Lamelas, Maria Del Carmen (2019), Country image appraisal, Journal of Business Research, 0148-2963, (ABS 3*)

Malagila, John (2020), The perceived association between audit rotation and audit quality: Evidence from the UAE, Journal of Accounting in Emerging Economies, 2042-1168, (ABS 2*)

Marnet, Oliver, Soobaroyen, Teerooven, Ghattas, Peter (2020), Charting the development of the Egyptian accounting profession (1946-2016): An analysis of the State-Profession dynamics, Critical Perspectives on Accounting, 1045-2354, (ABS 3*)

McGroarty, Francis (2020), More heat than light: investor attention and bitcoin price discovery, International Review of Financial Analysis, 1057-5219, (ABS 3*)

Perez Diaz, Alvaro, Gerding, Enrico, McGroarty, Francis (2019), Catching cheats: detecting strategic manipulation in distributed optimisation of electric vehicle aggregators, Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research, 1076-9757

Published Papers

Hearn, Bruce (2020), A reassessment of stock market integration in SADC:  the case of Namibia, Development Southern Africa, 0376-835X,

Song, Wei (2019), When women are on boards, male CEOs are less overconfident, Harvard Business Review, 0017-8012, (ABS 3*)

Nguyen, Thi Thuong, Lewis, Hugh, Atkinson, Peter (2019), Downscaling gridded DEMs using the Hopfield Neural Network, IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing, 1939-1404,

Senyo, Prince Kwame (2019), Digital business ecosystem: literature review and a framework for future research, International Journal of Information Management, 0268-4012, (ABS 2*)

Sung, Ming-Chien, McGroarty, Francis, Ma, Tiejun, Cheang, Chi Wan, Olmo, Jose (2020), Optimal asset allocation using a combination of implied and historical information, International Review of Financial Analysis, 1057-5219, (ABS 3*)

Taoushianis, Zenon (2020), Predicting corporate bankruptcy using the framework of Leland-Toft: Evidence from US, Quantitative Finance, 1469-7688, (ABS 3*)

Frei, Regina (2019), The hidden costs of online shopping – for customers and retailers, The Conversation

Conference Papers

Beigi, M., Nayyeri, S., & Shirmohammadi, M. (2020, February). Work-Nonwork Conflict and Enrichment in Context: A Qualitative Study of Application-based Taxi Drivers in Tehran. Paper presented at the Academy of Management Careers Division Conference. Vienna, Austria.

Choi, Youngseok, Optimising e-government data centre operations to minimise energy consumption, 18th IFIP WG 8.5 International Conference on Electronic Government, EGOV 2019

Do, Hang, Entrepreneurial Optimism: Reflections from the inside view, European Council for Small Business, 32th Annual RENT conference, Berlin, 27-29 November

Do, Hang, Policy support for born global enterprises: A critical review, European Council for Small Business, 32th annual RENT conference, Berlin, 27-29 November

Frei R, Jack L and Krzyzaniak SA (2020). Sustainability in product returns. EurOMA Sustainable Operations and Supply Chain Forum, Nottingham, UK.

Alexander A, Ashby A, Lee M and Frei R (2020). Sustainable Development Goals and Sustainable Supply Chains in the Post-global Economy. Panel discussion at EurOMA Sustainable Operations and Supply Chain Forum, Nottingham, UK.

Senyo, Prince Kwame, Understanding behaviour patterns of multi-agents in digital business ecosystems: an organisational semiotics inspired framework, Advances in Human Factors, Business Management and Society

Senyo, Prince Kwame, Unpacking the role of political will in digital business ecosystem development for socioeconomic benefits, Proceedings of the 27th European Conference Conference on Information Systems (ECIS)

Books and Book Chapters

Frei, Regina, Sustainable development goals and sustainable supply chains in the post-global economy

Do, Hang, Technology foresight for growth and productivity: the design and implementation of a new foresight approach for UK SMEs

PhD Completions

The University Senate recently awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) to the following candidate:

  • Abdullah Alhamoud, supervised by Collins Ntim and Alaa Zalata (award date 20 Feb 2020)

Other Special Achievements

Yehuda Baruch (University of Southampton) and Shay Tzafrir (University of Haifa) won a grant of £7000 from the British Council. The grant will be used to run a seminar about Health-workers’ Workplace Victimization in OECD Countries. The seminar will aim to generate a plan for a major research about violence in the health-care sector. Participants include Sally Brailsford and Taposh Roy from the University of Southampton and participants from Israeli and UK universities and other institutions.

Mina Beigi has been appointed as the Associate Editor of Human Relations journal (ABS 4*) effective March 1st 2020.

Stephan Onggo has been elected as a member of the general council of The Operational Research Society starting from 01/01/2020 to 31/12/2022.

Stephan Onggo is coordinating the Agent-Based Simulation track at the 2020 Winter Simulation Conference in Orlando, FL.


Simon Wolfe was recently appointed to the Advisory Board of the BAFA Financial Markets and Institutions Special Interest Group (the FMI SIG). BAFA is the British Accounting and Finance Association.

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