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The University of Southampton
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Decision making in uncertain and ambiguous environments (ELP event) Event

12:00 - 16:30
29 November 2017
Ordnance Survey, Adanac Drive, Southampton, SO16 OAS

Event details

Executive Learning Partnership Event

Making prompt and informed decisions in the volatile, uncertain, competitive and ambiguous business environment of today can be very challenging. It is easy to understand why senior managers can be overwhelmed by the volume of often conflicted information presented to them to make decisions. Today’s workshop is focused on one organisation, NASA, at a critical point in its history, enabling you to explore in detail, the factors affecting the embedded decision making processes at the time. You will investigate the systems and personalities which influenced the decisions made during the mission. We will discuss if a more collaborative approach could have made a difference to the tragic outcome. The discovery learning process which underpins this workshop moves the participants from initial taught input to one of immersion, enquiry, experimentation and exploration using the innovative Harvard Business School multi-media case study: Columbia’s Final Mission.

Speaker: Paul Bennett

Paul Bennett is Director of Enterprise, Southampton Business School, at the University of Southampton. He is responsible for the strategic direction of the portfolio of areas he leads and is committed to the delivery, development and implementation of innovative, relevant and impactful learning interventions. 

Paul utilises his connectivity and experience at senior management level to develop strategic conversations and translate strategic issues into learning initiatives.  He is very much at the forefront of learning process innovation and has designed and delivered programmes globally in a variety of learning environments. Following a successful naval career and prior to joining Southampton, Paul held several Senior Management positions at Henley Business School including Director-The Henley Partnership, Director-Advanced Management Programme and Director Executive Development Programmes.

Paul’s lifelong intellectual curiosity and lecturing subject has been centred on leadership effectiveness. He is a firm advocate of the earliest research findings which indicated that character and integrity are as important as capability in a leader.

Paul is a strategic advisor to a number of Boards in the public, private and third sector.

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