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The University of Southampton
Southampton Business School

Pioneers, philosophers and psychopaths - The psychology of leadership Seminar

18:00 - 20:00
25 October 2017
Southampton Business School, Building 2, Room 3043

Event details

Good quality evidence around successful leadership styles is not common but one useful line of research emphasises the importance of good leaders evidencing both humility and drive. These qualities need to be tensioned against each other; too much ill-considered drive without humility leads to behaviours which may be self-serving and to the cost of the organisation in staff resource. Too much humility without drive may lead to an organisation which does not engage in difficult decisions necessary to develop appropriately in the face of environmental change. These qualities and the tension between them can be expressed in terms of behaviours which have an effect on others and described in terms of psychological skills underpinning those behaviours. Making use of these skills enables managers and leaders to maximise their potential and shape a more effective and efficient organisation.

Speaker information

Dr Nick Maguire, University of Southampton. Associate Professor in Clinical Psychology. Nick currently works for the University of Southampton researching the psychological and mental health issues underpinning and maintaining homelessness and developing leadership training based on evidence-based psychological models. He runs a number of grant-funded research and evaluation projects examining the effectiveness of psychologically informed services for homeless people. He also has training and evaluation interests in employee and organisational wellbeing through understanding the psychology of high quality, effective leadership and management and enabling individuals in all sectors to develop their skills in this area.

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