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The University of Southampton
Southampton Business School

What most leadership models ignore Seminar

strategic operations
28 June 2018
Southampton Business School, Building 2

Event details

Increased globalisation with the insatiable demands of customers has necessitated the need for leaders who can lead their organisations to respond to the dynamic changes of the globalised market. Several leadership models have been put forward in a bid to respond to this crucial demand. However most of these models and presenters have either ignored or taken for granted certain organisational factors that either act as moderators or most importantly as mediators. In this presentation, empirical findings of a research project involving leadership and certain organisational factors will be used to demonstrate the crucial role of these factors in relation to effective leadership’s impact on employee or staff performance. Recognition of these unsung heroes will improve leadership effectiveness through deliberate orchestrations of these organisational factors.

Speaker information

Dr Bernard Franklin Bempong, University of Southampton. Dr Bernard Franklin Bempong holds a PhD in Management (Organisational Behaviour & Human Resource Management) from the University of Southampton in the UK. Bernard also obtained both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Psychology (Industrial & Organisational) from the University of Ghana, Legon-Accra. Having been trained initially as a professional teacher, Bernard has taught across the entire spectrum of the academic ladder: He has taught from Primary School through Junior Secondary, Senior Secondary, and Training College to the University level in Ghana, and he has also taught at two universities in the UK. During this period of pedagogy, Bernard played several leadership and administrative roles. He currently teaches at the Southampton Business School, of University Of Southampton. Bernard’s research interests are in leadership, and organisational factors that affect workplace performance; such as organisational culture, organisational commitment, organisational conflict, and organisational climate.

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