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The University of Southampton
Southampton Business School

Vice Chancellors Compensation and University Performance Seminar

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18:00 - 20:00
11 December 2019
Building 2, Room 3043 Highfield campus, University of Southampton, SO17 1BJ

Event details

Using a sample of UK universities from 2001 to 2016, we find that high remuneration packages contribute to higher university performance. Particularly, a one standard deviation increase in Vice Chancellor (VC) pay is associated with an increase of 2.21% in university performance index. Also, Knighthood by Her Majesty the Queen or other prestigious rewards increase institution performance. In addition, we document that while VCs with general human capital receive higher pay, they decrease the performance of their universities. Our results suggest that the positive impact of pay on performance concentrates among universities with external promoted VCs with managerial discretion. The positive effect of VC general managerial skills on compensation is more pronounced for universities with young VCs with foreign experience. The results are also confirmed after controlling for self-selection bias and other various tests.

Speaker information

Dr Victoria Patsika. Dr Victoria Patsika is a Lecturer in Accounting in the University of Southampton. Before joining the Accounting Group at Southampton Business School, she held post at the School of Management in the University of Bath. Her research interests are in the area of accounting and include firm disclosure policies, earnings management, regulations development, corporate governance, executive compensation, real estate market and empirical corporate finance. Her research work has been presented at leading international academic conferences such as the European Accounting Association (EAA), Financial Engineering and Banking Society Annual Conference (FEBS), the BAFA Annual Conference, the World Finance Conference, the International Journal of Accounting Symposium and the Sussex Young Scholar Conference, among others, as well as at professional organizations and practitioners' conferences and workshops.

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