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Binh Dinh MSc Business Analytics and Management Sciences, 2018

Data Scientist – Techcombank

Binh Dinh's Photo

With the knowledge and skills gained throughout my MSc course, I can now proactively and confidently participate in data science projects.

Binh Dinh (MSc Business Analytics and Management Sciences) was named top CORMSIS student for 2017/18. We caught up with Binh to talk about his year studying at Southampton and his new job as Data Scientist for Techcombank, back in Vietnam.

Why did you choose to study at Southampton?

I chose to pursue my postgraduate study at Southampton as the University of Southampton balances the academic and practical sides of its courses. My course provides students with an opportunity to take part in a summer project dealing with real-world business problems. Also, the staff and lecturers are extremely supportive, which helped me a lot on my first days in England.

What were your Southampton ‘highlights’ (best experiences)?

Taking part in the Catalyst Challenge 2018 is an unforgettable experience for me as I could learn and practice various skills, from business analysis to pitching, in a hectic business context. Furthermore, I met lots of new friends from all around the world, who are still in touch with me, at Southampton.

What other activities did you take advantage of while at University?

The societies and extra-curricular activities are worth mentioning. Also, the career service is really an asset. The Careers and Employability team helped me so much in terms of preparing CV for my future job application and conducting mock-up interviews, which dedicated to my success in getting a summer external project.

What did you enjoy most about your course?

My course, MSc Business Analytics and Management Sciences, covered core areas that any business analyst needs to pursue their career path in analytics academically and practically. The curriculum is well designed to help students have an overview about their future job as well as develop state-of-the-art technical skills needed to become a data scientist. A wide range of topics is covered so that students can freely choose any of their interests to further study, and potentially work in, in the future.

What have been the highlights of your career to date?

Currently, I am working as a Data Scientist at one of the leading commercial banks in my country. Data science has always been my area of interest. I am now working with data to reveal insightful information, which, in my opinion, is such an art of figures, mathematics, coding, and business intuition. With the knowledge and skills gained throughout my MSc course, I can now proactively and confidently participate in data science projects. It is not the confidence in dealing with unprecedented business problems but the interest and joy in daily work is my pride at office.

How did your time at Southampton help you to grow as a person and help you get to where you are now?

Undeniably, my study at the University of Southampton helped me develop both personally and professionally, It broadened my horizon through unprecedented experiences and brought me international friends. Through my study here, I developed subject knowledge and skills, which are assets for my career.

What advice would you give to a student starting their degree at Southampton?

Study hard and don't forget to enjoy your life at Southampton - this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

What tips would you give to current students looking to start a career in your sector?

From my experience, the students should:

-       Choose the right role

-       Take up a course and complete it

-       Focus on practical applications and not just theory

-       Work on communication skills

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