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Ms Sarah Leidner

PhD student

Ms Sarah Leidner's photo

Start date: 2013

Thesis title: Incentivising Environmental Practice through Human Resource Management Practices

I investigate how HR functions and initiatives can help to drive sustainability through an organisation e.g. through training, bonuses related to non-financial criteria, induction, appraisals, etc.

For example, several companies have board member bonuses related to CR criteria, but there is hardly any evidence as to how or even if that affects their practices and decision-making.

Organisations often lack time and resources to measure how well initiatives change work practices in individuals. I plan to assess the effectiveness of these initiatives, and thus, help organisations to direct their attention and resources more efficiently.

Academic qualifications: BA (Hons), MSc

Supervisors: Dr Denise Baden and Dr Melanie Ashleigh

Studying for a PhD at Southampton is very challenging, but it is very rewarding too. I particularly enjoy the wide range of training opportunities and networking events in the Business School. Opportunities to present research to peers and at conferences gives us PGR students a valuable glimpse into our future careers.

Research interests

Publications and conference presentations:

Leidner, S. (2014) Incentivising employee sustainability behaviour through human resource management. Paper presented at the 7th annual EuroMed Academy of Business conference, Kristiansand, Norway.

Leidner, S. and Smith, S.M. (2013) ‘What keeps potential job-hoppers’ feet on the ground? Training helps German employees to stay loyal’, Human Resource Management International Digest, 21 (1), pp.31-33.

Leidner, S. (2013) Exploring 'the candle that burns at both ends' paradigm - From HR to sustainability-conscious employees and customers. Paper presented at 2nd Improving Corporate Behaviour Conference (ICBC2), Palace of Westminster, London.

Ms Sarah Leidner
Southampton Business School, University of Southampton, Highfield, Southampton SO17 1BJ, UK
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