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Research project: Cre8tv

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Unveiling Creativity for Innovation in Europe

The is a multi-partner and multi-disciplinary project which will unveil the significance of creativity and cultural and creative industries in Europe (and beyond). Progress will be made in terms of methodologies and fresh and integrated approaches in the study of creativity and innovation, as well as in the dynamics of the cultural and creative industries. This will result in the production of data sets, policy briefs and tools, as well as academic articles and books. Above all, the project will substantially enhance the state of knowledge and understanding of the nature and characteristics of creativity and innovation, the cultural and creative industries, and their role in shaping the future European economy and society.

It will also provide important and reliable evidence regarding the emergence, promotion and stimulation of creativity in relation to innovation in Europe, and how creativity-based entrepreneurship contributes to economic growth and wellbeing. In this respect, the project is expected to provide a highly valuable and original source of knowledge and understanding for the research, business and policymaking communities at both the EU and national / regional levels.

Sponsor is a research project running from February 2013 to April 2016 and supported by a grant of the 7th Framework Programme of the European Commission (Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities).

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