University of Southampton

Professional development

From short courses to masters degrees, our professional development courses and bespoke training will help you engage with the latest thinking in your sector, enhance your business and further your career.

Businesses that invest in professional development benefit from higher personal commitment among staff, a greater focus on business needs and the stimulation of new ideas. And it is new ideas, especially in challenging times, that drive business growth.

We offer off-the-shelf courses and bespoke packages tailored to suit your organisation's needs – all informed by our forward-thinking research.

Our professional development courses

We offer a wide range of professional development opportunities including:

  • management training courses and degrees
  • specialist courses in engineering, spatial data and maritime law
  • bespoke training tailored to your business
  • continuing professional development for teachers and health and social care practitioners
Management studies

You can study at degree level or through masterclasses or bespoke training

Management studies

Business and management

Learn about the latest business theory and practice and connect with new ideas that could transform your business. We offer masterclasses and specialist part-time masters programmes, as well as Masters of Business Administration (MBA) and Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) degrees. 

You can also work with us to devise bespoke programmes to meet the needs of your company or organisation. Find out more on the Southampton Business School website. 


We offer a number of high-quality short courses in engineering and can devise bespoke programmes tailored for your company or organisation. We have experience of working with local and national organisations including Barclaycard, British Airways, Hampshire County Council, the Home Office, the Met Office, Rolls-Royce, Southampton Container Terminals, Southampton FC and the World Health Organisation.

Spatial data and analysis

The University’s GeoData Institute is a leading provider of professional geographic information systems and spatial data management training and support. We use leading industry software and provide scheduled and bespoke courses.


We offer professional development in survey methods and statistics, including bespoke training and a programme of short courses on survey methods aimed at professionals and researchers. These are delivered through the Southampton Statistical Sciences Research Unit (S3RI).

Maritime law

Our Institute of Maritime Law offers a renowned three-week short course in August of each year. It also runs a number of courses on topical subjects for practitioners and other participants in the maritime industry. Bespoke training and academic courses are also available.

CPD for nurses and midwives

You can take individual modules to gain specialist knowledge

CPD for nurses and midwives

Health and social care

Our innovative continuing professional development (CPD) programmes for health and social care practitioners are highly flexible, which means you can work and study at the same time if you wish. They are designed to match the requirements of employers and professional bodies, including the NHS knowledge and skills framework. Find out more on the Health Sciences website.   


We run CPD for teachers and educators, including courses specific to modern languages and mathematics and science teaching. We also work in partnership with industry and government agencies to fulfil their staff training needs; partners include the Army, schools and local education authorities. Find out more on the Southampton Education School website.