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Before You Arrive

Entrance to the Careers Centre in building 37

The earlier you start thinking about your future career plans the easier you will find it when you come to apply for jobs. Because you will understandably be focused on getting used to a new culture and the academic demands of your course during your first few weeks in the UK, we recommend taking some steps towards your future before you arrive.

Consider your future goals:

Working life may seem far away as you begin your study but it is a good idea to think about your future plans as early as possible. You can find advice on exploring your options on our Career Planning pages.
You could also look at where your degree could take you through our Degree Related Careers page which has information on what areas past students have gone on to work or study in, as well as subject specific advice on where to find opportunities.

Get your CV (Resume) ready:

In the UK you will find that employers will request a CV rather than a Resume, these are the same kind of documents just with different names!  While the best CVs are tailored to the specific role and company you are applying to, it is a good idea to get a basic CV that you can adapt depending on the job. There are a few key rules and conventions to remember when you make your UK CV:

For more help on making your UK CV and tailoring it to a specific role see our CV Advice page

Applying for temporary/ part-time jobs:

Student researching the UK job market

Alongside your studies, you may wish to find a part-time or temporary job for financial support or to gain experience. You can find opportunities through MyCareer or through more general job sites such as indeed or monster.

Many students find part-time work through the University either as ambassadors, working at SUSU or becoming part of the UniWorkforce.

Please ensure you are complying with the conditions of your visa when taking on paid work.

Find out about the UK job market:

If you are considering getting a part-time job or working in the UK then it is a good idea to become familiar with the UK job market. There is further information on this on our Discover your career page.

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