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The University of Southampton
Careers, Employability and Student Enterprise

Meet the Careers Team

Careers, Employability and Student Enterprise work closely with professional services and academic departments to promote graduate opportunities and to embed employability in the curriculum.


Katy Gordon - Director of Careers, Employability and Student Enterprise

Leanne Barnes - Associate Director (Faculty Engagement) -

Sarah Rogers - Associate Director (Operations) -


Faculty Facing Careers Team:

Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Liz George - Employability Partnership Manager -

Ellen Dwane - Careers Consultant

Karen Haynes - Careers Consultant

Victoria Shawley - Careers Consultant

Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences

Andy Gardner - Employability Partnership Manager -

Joanna Murchie - Careers Consultant

Faculty of Environmental and Life Sciences

Wendy Woolery - Employability Partnership Manager -

Andy Port - Careers Consultant

Faculty of Medicine

Wendy Woolery - Employability Partnership Manager -

Faculty of Social Sciences

Julie Parfitt - Employability Partnership Manager -

Bethan Moore - Careers Consultant

Anna Philpot - Careers Consultant


Specialist Careers Support Team

Sarah Birbeck - Careers Consultant (Graduate Coach)

Nicola King - Careers Consultant (Graduate Coach)

Heather Pasero - Careers Consultant (Widening Participation)

Emily Rogers - Careers Consultant (Researchers)

Shoonagh Hubble - Careers Consultant (Professional Development)


Employer Engagement Team: (

Mike Head - Employer Engagement Manager -

Melissa Evans - Employer Engagement Coordinator

Kate Fraser-Smith - Employer Engagement Coordinator

Shanel Munnoch - Employer Engagement Coordinator

Tori Timmins - Careers Administrator (Employer Engagement)

Sarah Trewern - Employer Engagement Coordinator


Data, Information and Operations Team: (

Tim Wheeler - Head of Data, Information and Operations -

Jake Ellis - Information and Systems Manager -

Henry Bushell - Careers Information Adviser

Nina Fairbrother - Information and Systems Coordinator

Leah Flack - Careers Information Adviser

Elaine Gibson - Careers Information Adviser

Olli Jokiaho - Senior Student Data Analyst

Kelly Jones - Careers Information Adviser

Katie Luff - Careers Administrator (Information and Data)

Laura Smith - Careers Information Adviser

Jasmine Webb - Careers Administrator (Information and Systems)


Student Enterprise and Events Team: (

Tom Simmonds - Head of Student Enterprise and Events -

Lloyd Attrill - Student Enterprise Consultant

Sara Campin - Student Enterprise Consultant

Sean Larsen - Student Enterprise Consultant

Tiffany Withers - Student Enterprise Coordinator

Kass Boucher - Careers Administrator (Events)

Naomi Hurst - Events Coordinator


Work Experience Team: (

Charlie Barton - Work Experience Manager -

Michaela Bagley - Careers Administrator (Work Experience)

Dan Bradley - Student Opportunities Coordinator

Nicole Chapman - Student Opportunities Coordinator

Florence Johnson - Student Opportunities Coordinator

Alex Lamont - Student Opportunities Coordinator

Marco Murelli - Student Opportunities Coordinator

Rebecca Petty - Student Opportunities Coordinator


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