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LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is an online platform which allows you access thousands of courses to enhance your employability skills anywhere with an internet connection! Broken into 3 primary sections, Business skills, Technical skills and Creative skills, LinkedIn Learning can help you feel more confident with specific software such as Python or SPSS or help you to develop the vital soft skills employers look for in today's graduate market such as leadership or negotiation skills.

As a current student of the University of Southampton you're able to access LinkedIn Learning for free using your Southampton email address and if you have a LinkedIn account already you can even link your profile to show employers the courses you've completed. (Please note if you link your profile to your LinkedIn Learning account you will need to sign into your account using the original email address you signed up for LinkedIn with).

Below you can see the LinkedIn Learning collections we have created to help you in developing your employability skills as well as links to faculty specific courses which you may find useful.


LinkedIn Learning collections are groups of videos with a similar theme. You can watch any videos within the collection which take your interest and there is no set order to watch the videos.

Person looking at a sunset in the distance

Planning Your Career - Discover Yourself

Before you can know what you want from a career you need to know and understand yourself. This will help you to graduate with a role that fully reflects your skills and that you are happy with.

Computer Keyboard with Job Search written on enter key

Seeking the perfect role

Job hunting can be a long process and It's easy to become unmotivated so we have created a collection of videos to help you with your job hunt.

Person under a spotlight, standing out from the crowd

The application process

This collection of courses and videos is designed to help you through the application process, learn how to create excellent CV's and Cover Letters that grab employers' attention.

Faculty specific and general employability skills

Below you will find links to faculty specific courses which will help you build upon the skills you are learning during your degree. You will also find links to courses which will help you in developing more general employability skills.

A person pointing at different employability skills on screen

Developing your employability skills

LinkedIn Learning is an online library that houses over 10,000 high quality tutorials on a range of topics that can contribute towards your personal and professional development.

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