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Design Your Future Series

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Our Design Your Future Series consists of workshops and webinars that provide the opportunity to develop skills and abilities to aid you on your career journey.

We understand that students will be at different stages in their career planning so have created a programme that can help you at any stage of the process. See the tabs below for details of each session and how to book your place!

These sessions are delivered in the form of online webinars hosted by one of our advisers on Blackboard Collaborate or via Microsoft Teams.

All sessions are between 30 and 60 minutes. You can book on to a session via the Events Calendar on MyCareer; simply search the name of the webinar to see when and how they will be hosted. In addition to our webinar series, during Semester 1 we will be hosting Q&A sessions run by a Career Practitioner.

Discover who you are...

Find my WHY?

This webinar will introduce three factors that will help you to understand, and talk about, your career motivations: your values, your interests and your personality. The webinar also aims to help you to navigate your career choices; having a greater understanding of these factors can help you to communicate well at various stages of the graduate recruitment process.

Discover your skills

This webinar will support you in exploring the process of reflecting on your skills and experience, as well as discussing how to effectively communicate that to others.

Explore your options...

Understanding and researching the Graduate Labour Market - Building your commercial awareness

This webinar is designed to help you develop your commercial awareness, enabling you to not only understand a particular sector or industry, but also to have the tools to evaluate and see if it is right for you. It will cover what we mean by the term 'graduate labour market' and take you through some steps to aid your research and how to then apply this knowledge to your own career planning.

Considering postgraduate study and what to expect

This webinar will explore different types of postgraduate study options and offer an insight into what is involved, the financial elements, employment outcomes and how to find and apply for postgraduate study opportunities. This will give you the knowledge and capability to explore and consider the option of postgraduate study further.

Plan and prepare...

Career Planning - Getting started

This webinar will support you in exploring the process of getting started with your career planning, through self assessment, research, experimentation, decision making, job searching and the recruitment process.

How to make better career decisions

This webinar will assist you to develop your confidence and knowledge in making better career decisions. It will examine some of the common barriers to career decision making, explain the principles of career decision making and examine the process of career decision making through a case study.

Remaining positive and resilient during challenging times

This webinar explores how to stay positive and resilient whilst facing obstacles. It considers how our values and outlook can impact our goals and how a growth mindset and action planning can be the key to forging our futures.


This webinar explores how to use a job description to target your CV for a specific role, identify and highlight your relevant skills effectively.

Explore...Covering Letters

This webinar looks at how to create impact with your covering letter, presenting yourself positively and demonstrating your suitability for the role.


This webinar covers the purpose of applications within the recruitment process, the most common types of application questions and some top tips on how to complete an application form effectively.

Take action...

Networking and building a positive digital presence

This webinar will give you hints and tips on how to network effectively online and build a digital profile through social media that will enhance your application.

Video and phone interviews masterclass

This webinar can help build upon your skills with a focus on your upcoming interview and provides techniques and examples of good and bad interview responses to help you perfect your approach.

Finding and securing work experience

This webinar will explore the work experience opportunities that are available to you during your time at university and for up to 12 months after you graduate.

Cracking online assessments

This webinar aims to increase your familiarity with the range of tests you may encounter when applying for internships and graduate roles. The session will cover different types of tests and how to prepare. You will also have the opportunity to practise answering typical questions in a group.



Need a quick introduction to a topic? Our Discover... workshop series has been recorded so you can access them at any time. Click on the links below to watch the 10 minute videos.



Our Discover...CVs workshop provides the key principles for building an effective and professional CV.

View it here
Discover...Covering Letters

Discover...Covering Letters

Our Discover...Covering Letters workshop provides the key principles for writing a covering letter with impact.

View it here


Our Discover...Interviews workshop includes information on types of interview and what is being assessed.

View it here


Our Discover...Applications workshop will help you understand the purpose of an application form and highlight any common questions.

View it here

The Careers and Employability Service offers a workshop for students with a disability, specific learning difficulty such as dyslexia or dyspraxia, or long-term health condition. This workshop explores disclosure and support in the graduate recruitment process and in the workplace.

It covers:

  • an overview of the Equality Act 2010
  • your rights as an applicant or employee
  • whether and when to disclose your disability and how to present it positively
  • You will also have the opportunity to discuss concerns and ask questions

We are currently unable to host our workshop in person so we have created a recorded version which can be viewed on our Disability, SpLD & Long-Term Health Conditions webpage. You can also attend a live webinar version; dates will be advertised soon on our MyCareer Events Calendar.

If you need any further support please contact and book an audio or video appointment with an adviser.


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