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Small Business Speed Launch

Small Business Speed Launch

Are you a University of Southampton student or recent graduate with a business idea that you're ready to launch? Or perhaps you're just dreaming of that perfect moment to kickstart your entrepreneurial journey?

If you answered yes, the Small Business Speed Launch is for you! Taking place from Friday 26 April to Sunday 28 April at the brand-new Student Enterprise Junction, nestled in the heart of Southampton City Centre. This dynamic three-day event is perfect for anyone looking to start a brand, launch a product, dive into a side hustle, or become a freelancer. This jam-packed weekend is open to all those dreaming of running a successful, sustainable business.

During the Small Business Speed Launch, you'll receive expert advice, learn valuable skills, meet like-minded people, and be given the time to implement what you've learned. All while being supported by the Student Enterprise Team, local business owners, and student founders. This event is all about giving your business the best chance of success!

What can you expect at the Small Business Speed Launch? Brace yourself for a whirlwind of expert advice, hands on skill building, and invaluable networking opportunities. Rub shoulders with fellow trailblazers, soak up wisdom from seasoned entrepreneurs, and roll up your sleeves to put newfound knowledge into action. With unwavering support from our dedicated Student Enterprise Team, alongside local business owners and fellow student founders, this event is the launchpad for all your ideas!

What is the Small Business Speed Launch?

Held in collaboration with Women in Business this year, this event will give you everything you need to know about starting your own business - from starting your own e-commerce store and building a brand people will remember, to sales, marketing and accounting.

We will teach you invaluable skills including how to overcome setbacks, build resilience, and navigate criticism. This event is open to anyone, no matter your University course, background, or aspirations.

When is it?

This year's event will take place over the weekend from Friday 26 April to Sunday 28 April at the Student Enterprise Junction in Southampton City Centre. This event will give you the chance to work in our brand new, cutting edge co-working space, network with likeminded individuals, and receive first-class knowledge support from experts and founders who have done it all before!

Who is it for?

The Small Business Speed Launch is open to all University of Southampton students and recent graduates - and is the perfect opportunity for anyone looking to learn all the tips and tricks of how to start your own business! With structured content, group work and interactive presentations led by the Student Enterprise Team and our network of experts, we will teach you everything you need to know your business forward!

Timings for the weekend:

Friday 26 April - 17:00 - 20:00

Saturday 27 April - 10:00 - 18:00

Sunday 28 April 10:00 - 15:00

Applications are now open! Please make sure to get your application in early as spaces are limited.

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Friday 26 April

Session 1 - Welcome and Introduction

Session 2 - The right things in the right order - Validation

End of Day - Networking, Drinks and Food

Saturday 27 April

Session 3 - Building a Brand

Session 4 - Website Development and Online Presence

Session 5 - Parallel Stream 1 - Product Businesses & Sourcing

Parallel Stream 2 - App Development

Parallel Stream 3 - Service Based Business

Session 6 - Sales and Marketing

End of Day - Networking, Drinks and Food

Sunday 28 April

Session 7 - Business Setup - Registering a Business: Why, When & How

Session 8 - Book-keeping and Accounting - Why is it important & How to do it

Session 9 - Overcoming Setbacks, Resilience and Navigating Criticism

Session 10 - What's next for you?

End of Weekend

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