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The University of Southampton
Centre for Clinical and Experimental Psychopharmacology

The latest news and research in anxiety from all over the world.

Women are more likely to seek councelling in anxiety

The vast majority of those referred for NHS counselling for anxiety and depression are women. Mental health charities said the figures reflectd the fact women were far more likely than men to seek help if they felt unable to cope.

Living with anxiety, searching for joy

Kat Kinsman, managing editor of CNN, describes her experience with anxiety and how she overcome it. She has dealt with anxiety since she was a child. Depression is often characterized as a black dog; she likens anxiety to a feral cat. Anxiety can sneak up at any time, even while asleep.

Anxiety linked to stroke risk

Men and women with severe symptoms of anxiety may have a higher risk of stroke than their more relaxed counterparts, a new study suggests."The greater your anxiety level, the higher your risks of having a stroke," study co-author Dr. Maya J. Lambiase, of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, told Reuters Health.

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