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Julia el Mecky

Julia el Mecky

Julia is a Medical Anthropologist from the Netherlands and has joined CELS in Southampton and the ELSI research group (ethical, legal, and social issues of clinical genetics) at the University Medical Center, Groningen (UMCG) as our second joint PhD student.

She is researching ethical and social aspects of next-generation sequencing, particularly as they relate to incidental findings: outcomes of genetic testing that carry potential consequences for an individuals’ health, but which are discovered outside the diagnostic or predictive scope for which genetic testing was initially performed.

Julia is interested in how healthcare processes are (subjectively) experienced by patients, their families, and healthcare professionals, how medical information is communicated and received, as well as the possibility of using research to develop tools for clinical practice. Julia has also been trained in film-making and is enthusiastic about exploring the potential of visual media to enhance patient and public engagement with genetics.

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