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The University of Southampton
Clinical Ethics and Law at Southampton

Programme PhD meeting - 14 December 2016

Meeting research groups focusing on ethical, legal and psychosocial issues in genetics from Southampton, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Groningen

Wednesday December 14 9.30 -17.30; De Kleine Werf, Prinseneiland 6, Amsterdam (near CS)

Aims: To inform each other about the areas of research we are currently working on, what collaborations already exist, and which we would like to establish or build on.

Methods: Per research group short introduction of focus of research group, introduction of participating group members and presentations (max 10 minutes) from group members to kick start discussions. Space will be created both for discussion of current collaborations- the challenges and opportunities- and for areas of focus for new collaborations.

Angela Fenwick, Southampton, has agreed to act as moderator for the day

9.30 Welcome with Coffee/Tea

9.45 Introduction

9.50 Research at Utrecht

10.30 Discussion

10.50 Coffee/Tea break

11.10 Research at Southampton

11.50 Research Joint PhDs Southampton/Groningen

12.10 Discussion

12.30 Lunch

13.30 Research at Groningen

14.10 Discussion

14.30 Research at Amsterdam

15.10 Discussion

15.30 Coffee/Tea break

15.45 Discussion: Emerging themes/overlaps/potential for collaboration

17.00 Conclusions on today and future

17.30 Closure


Utrecht (

Annelien Bredenoord

Nine Knoers

Menno Mostert

Noor Giesbertz

Candice Cornelis

Roel Wouters

Sarah Boers

Southampton (

Anneke Lucassen

Angela Fenwick

Sandi Dheensa

Gill Crawford

Mirjam Plantinga

Lisa Ballard

Juliette Schuurmans

Julia El Mecky

Groningen (

Irene van Langen

Adelita Ranchor

Mirjam Plantinga

Tanya Halbersma

Juliette Schuurmans

Julia El Mecky

Lieke vd Heuvel

Amsterdam (

Ellen Smets

Niki Medendorp

Kirsten Douma

Lieke vd Heuvel

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