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HNPCC Patient Support Day Event

1 March 2014

Event details

The Wessex Clinical Genetics team are holding a support and information morning for families affected by a condition called HNPCC (Hereditary Non-Polyposis Colon Cancer), also known as Lynch syndrome.

HNPCC is a condition that can be passed down through a family. Individuals with the condition have a higher chance of developing bowel cancer compared with the general population. Only a very small proportion of bowel cancers are due to inherited conditions such as HNPCC.

The day will provide an opportunity for individuals and families to share experiences with one another and with us. There will be two presentations:-

  • Dr Muna Ahmed from the Wessex Clinical Genetics team will give an overview of HNPCC
  • Sir John Burn, Professor of Clinical Genetics at Newcastle University, will speak about research into the prevention of bowel cancer.

The slides from these talks can be downloaded below.

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