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The University of Southampton
Centre for Global Englishes

Perspectives on intercultural communication and intercultural communicative competence Seminar

17:00 - 18:30
11 November 2015
Lecture Theatre C - Avenue Campus University of Southampton SO17 1BF

For more information regarding this seminar, please email Prof. Jennifer Jenkins at .

Event details

Part of the annual seminar series for Centre for Global Englishes (CGE). In our age of superdiversity and unprecedented mobility (both actual and virtual, and temporary and permanent), communication across language and cultural boundaries has become the norm for many of us. Intercultural communication has therefore become a practical necessity in a wide range of settings around the globe, and as a result, intercultural communication and intercultural communicative competence have become key areas of theorisation and research within applied and socio-linguistics. In this panel discussion, the three experts in the field will each discuss their own approach to these notions, after which they will join in discussion with the audience. Light refreshments will be served. All welcome!

Speaker information

Prof Marion Demossier, University of Southampton. My research lies in an anthropological interpretation of how global forces and policies impact on specific groups and 'communities'. It aims to provide an understanding of the articulation of global concerns at local level by contributing to the debate about 'politics in places'. Using multi-sited and long-term ethnography, my argument is that policy-making needs to be influenced by a more informed and bottom-up approach which will enable policy-makers to engage further with the effects of their policies.

Dr Will Baker, University of Southampton. My current research interests include English as a Lingua Franca, intercultural communication, intercultural awareness, culture, identity and language, elearning, English language teaching and English medium instruction.

Dr Karin Zotzmann, University of Southampton. My research interests include the ways socio-economic, political and institutional factors and processes impact upon the teaching and learning of foreign languages and teacher education. I am particularly interested in how neoliberalism and globalism play out in theories of intercultural education, how the managerialization of higher education impacts upon academic writing practices, how international students or students from marginalized economic backgrounds respond to established academic practices and expectations and how teachers try to balance their subject and pedagogic knowledge with institutional and political constraints and affordances.

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