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The University of Southampton
Faith and Reflection Centre

FRAVARDIGAN / MUKTAD Zoroastrian (Kadmi) Event

8 - 17 July 2017

Event details

The Fravardigan festival (the festival of the fravashis), popularly known as Muktad (All Souls), is the last festival of the year. During sunrise on the first day of the festival the immortal souls, together with their fravashis (the guardian spirits of departed ancestors, artistically depicted as half man/half bird), are welcomed by name by the Zoroastrian Mobeds or Magi (priests). For ten days they reside in the place of worship, and then leave the physical world after the last ceremony, held on the tenth evening, but before the dawn of NoRuz. During these ten days Zoroastrians often take time off from work, pray extensively, recite the five Gathas (hymns composed by Zarathushtra) and ensure their houses are thoroughly cleaned. They prepare daily samples of sacred food enjoyed by their departed ancestors while still alive, and take these to the place of worship, to be tasted by the ancestors during the daily ceremonies. This ritually consecrated food, along with chosen fruits, is then shared by the living after the ceremony is over.

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