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Student societies

There are many faith and non-faith groups in SUSU that are run entirely by students. Below is some information on the many different faith societies you can get involved with as well as links to help you find out more information.

Ahlulbayt Society Southampton

Ahlulbayt are a group of really inspirational people from the household of the Holy Prophet of Islam. Their lives and works can be used as tools to improve and change our lives both personally and socially. Visit the Ahlulbayt Society Southampton SUSU webpage for more information.

Catholic Society

The University of Southampton Catholic Society (CathSoc) is a real joy to be part of, even if we say so ourselves! We're just one big family with a wonderful mix of students from many different backgrounds and countries, which makes it possible for everyone to feel welcome and at home. Visit the Catholic Society SUSU webpage for more information.

Christian Union

united by Christ's LOVE // grounded in the BIBLE // excited about sharing the GOSPEL so that ALL may hear and respond to the Good News and Love of Jesus Christ. Visit the Christian Union SUSU webpage for more information.

Hindu Society

Southampton University Hindu Society aims to build the foundations for a strong and vibrant Hindu community in Southampton and fulfil the cultural, spiritual, educational and social needs of all of members through an extensive range of campus and national activities. Visit the Hindu Society SUSU webpage for more information.

Humanist Students Southampton

Our vision is to see a thriving humanist community in the university. We aim to support and represent atheist and humanist students; promote the understanding of humanist approaches to life and ethics; and to organise and join campaigns that will promote human rights and equality for the non-religious. Visit the Humanist Students Southampton SUSU webpage for more information.

Islamic Society

The Islamic Society support students in learning about and practicing their faith and hope to be a platform for Muslims to come together and share their skills, knowledge and expertise for the benefit of the community and beyond. The society helps to maintain an accessible prayer room, organise Friday congregational prayers and make arrangements for Ramadan as well as facilitate educational circles, social events and sports. Muslim or non-Muslim take part, question, learn and grow. Visit the Islamic Society SUSU webpage for more information.

Jewish Society

The Southampton University Jewish Society is a close knit group of students who get together to celebrate Jewish festivals in a friendly and welcoming environment. Visit the Jewish Society SUSU webpage for more information.

Kingdom Movement Christian fellowship

KMCF is a Christian fellowship formed of students united by our common faith and love for Jesus Christ. Visit the Kingdom Movement Christian Fellowship SUSU webpage for more information.

Mandarin Christian Fellowship

For the past couple of years, there has been a group of Mandarin speaking Chinese Christians meeting every Friday evening in Education Building 34 on Highfield Campus. They get together for mutual support, fellowship and Bible study. Visit the Mandarin Christian Fellowship SUSU webpage for more information.

Meditation Society

The Meditation Society provides students with the opportunity to learn about meditation within the New Kadampa Buddhist tradition. Visit the Meditation Society SUSU webpage for more information.

Relentless Generation

RG is a group of students whose core is to see revival take place in the lives of young people, help inspire and develop their gifts to attain their purpose and destiny. Visit the Relentless Generation SUSU webpage for more information.

Soton Navs (Christian)

Soton Navs exists as a society to provide opportunities for students to explore and think about the Christian faith. They aim to do this by creating a welcoming environment which promotes discussion and friendship. Visit the Soton Navs SUSU webpage for more information.

Student Christian Movement

The goal of the SCM is to be a diverse group of Christians with differing beliefs, as members see value in an inclusive and open setting where differences and a range of traditions can be understood and celebrated. Visit the Student Christian Movement SUSU webpage for more information.

Get Involved

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