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Scaffolds and cells - making replacement body parts in the lab

Published: 27 September 2014
NHS Open Day

We are delighted to have been selected to present at the BBSRC GB Bioscience 2014 Festival, In London this November. We have now presented “Scaffolds and cells - making replacement body parts in the lab” at an NHS Open Day at Southampton General Hospital on Saturday 27th September 2014 (Southampton General Hospital) and a Postgraduate Conference on 19th June 2014.

Exhibit title

Scaffolds and cells – making replacement body parts in the lab

List of team members

Professor Richard OC Oreffo

Dr Jonathan Dawson

Professor Ian Sinclair

Dr Nicholas D Evans

Description of the science behind the exhibit

Medical advances have led to a welcome increase in life expectancy but with this comes problems associated with tissue loss and a need for replacement tissues.

We are using stem cells isolated from adult tissues such as the bone marrow, and engineered materials as scaffolds, to develop pieces of bone and cartilage tissue in the lab. We are also interested in finding ways of coaxing the body to regenerate itself with drugs and chemicals and to harness the repair capacity of our bodies.

Our ultimate aim is to deliver stem cells together with the right scaffolds and factors to generate and repair damaged or diseased tissue for patient use.

A summary of the exciting activities showcased

  • Stem Cells Pinball Cascade – a fully functioning giant pinball machine to illustrate stem cells.
  • Engineer-it-yourself cartilage implant made by casting ‘stem cells’ in a moulded gel.
  • A range of hands-on biomaterial prostheses (hip implants, artificial joints)
  • A range of 3D printed bone and cartilage constructs , interactive computer displays and and large (48” monitors) 3D images (with glasses) .
Postgraduate Conference
Postgraduate Conference
NHS Open Day
Stem Cells Pinball Cascade

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