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CHDSCR Science Meeting - Friday 7 June 2019 9:00-14:00

Published: 7 June 2019
Skeletal stem cells on human bone
Skeletal stem cells on human bone

Join us to catch up and share current research and developments

Venue: Lecture Theatre, IDS Building; General Hospital



Welcome Prof Richard Oreffo

Chairs: Dr Franchesca Houghton and Dr Melissa Andrews

0925-0945 Invited Lecture: Dr Jonathan West: Microfluidics: exploring the dimensions of cellular diversity
0945-1005 Invited Lecture: Dr YihuaWang: Epithelial Mesenchymal Transition (EMT) in pulmonary fibrosis: a core determinant of epithelial-mesenchymal cross-talk
1010-1020 ECR1:RebeccaHolding: Re-activation of senescent adipose derived progenitor cells from the elderly to improve potential for regenerative therapies
1020-1030 ECR2: Dr Patrick Stumpf: Evolutionary physiology of bone marrow stem cell regulation using artificial neural networks
1030-1040 ECR3: Dr Gianluca Cidonio: Printing bone one cell at a time
1040-1050 ECR4: Dr Mohammed Mansour: Do oriented divisions dictate fate decisions in mammary stem cells?
10.50-11.00 ECR5: Dr ShmmaQuraishe: Targeting Integrinsin the CNS
11.00-11.30 TEA AND COFFEE
  Chairs: Dr Claire Clarkin and Dr Sandrine Willaime-Morawek
1130-1140 ECR6: Mohamed Mousa: Towards understanding why nanoclaysare osteogenic
1140-1150 ECR7: HowardTribe:A unique stem cell-like population in human osteoarthritic cartilage: identification, isolation and characterisation
1150-1200 ECR8: Ada Antypiuk: Role of environmental oxygen in regulating the proteome and fatty acid composition of human embryonic stem cells
1200-1210 ECR9: Alice Goring: Sexually dimorphic regulation of the bone vasculature
1210-1220 ECR10: Dr Jenny Dewing: Modelling Sorsby’sFundus Dystrophy using patient-derived iPSC-RPE cells
1220-1230 ECR11: Dr Jonathan May: Study of the effects of microbubbles on bone formation using micro-CT
1235-1255 Invited Lecture:Dr Ben Mills: Putting the AI in biophotonics
1255 Close Prof Richard Oreffo
1300 Lunch and networking

Book by 31st May (for catering purposes)

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