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The University of Southampton

Dr Marina Carravetta

Dr Marina Carravetta, Royal Society University Research Fellow Assistant Professor (ERE)

I joined the UoS in 2003, first as a PDRA, then a URF and then promoted to Associate Professor a year ago. As an early career researcher URF, I received excellent mentoring from a senior female academic in a different research section. She has been my role-model, my first point of contact for general discussion and advice, helping me establish my own, independent research career.

Dr Marina Carravetta
Dr Marina Carravetta

In 2011, I gave birth to my son and after eight months of maternity leave, I returned to work full-time, by choice. My son was in the University daycare just across the road so I could see him often. My husband did work at the University, but then moved to a company and his work is now not very flexible. In 2015 my son started school, I changed my work arrangements to 0.8FTE. When I asked my line-manager to go part-time, they were fully supportive and this was complemented by extended discussions with senior female mentors on career choices. From their advice, I was able to identify key actions to allow me to focus on the targets required to achieve promotion. I was promoted to Associate Professor whilst on a part-time contract, demonstrating that progression is not measured based on %FTE, but on academic achievements.

Working daily on reduced hours, allows me to do the “school run”, maximising quality time at home with my son. My core teaching is set within my working hours. School holidays are shared, part of the time my husband takes my son to visit family in Norway allowing me to work full-time. For the remainder, I take my son to Italy where I am able to work on article/grant/lecture preparation, whilst valuing time shared with grandparents and extended family. I cannot express warmly enough how fortunate I consider myself for having a fulfilling career without sacrificing my family time.

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