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The University of Southampton

Dr Sophie Benjamin

Dr Sophie Benjamin - postdoctoral researcher

"I won a Doctoral prize at the end of my PhD in coordination chemistry examining ligands containing the unusual elements antimony and bismuth .One of my supervisors, Professor Gill Reid, suggested I apply for a grant from the Science and Technology Facilities Council to stay on at Southampton and develop my research. I'm now working with thermoelectric materials, an area of chemistry with great potential, researching how to improve the efficiency of systems to convert heat into electricity at a molecular level.

Dr Sophie Benjamin
Dr Sophie Benjamin

"Although I'm at the beginning of my academic career and postdoc posts are short term, I would say Chemistry at Southampton is a good place to be for a female researcher. There are many successful women academics such as Gill who are very supportive and the environment and culture in the department are positive. Although, in academia as a whole, more work remains to be done to ensure equal opportunities for all, the University of Southampton is addressing these issues."

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