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The University of Southampton


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In March 2010, the University became a Stonewall 'Diversity Champion', demonstrating our dedication to all staff, regardless of gender and sexual orientation. This is also reflected in Stonewall's 'Gay by Degree' guide, which aims to help LGBT+ university applicants in choosing a friendly environment where they can study.

As part of our membership of the programme, Stonewall has offered continual guidance to improve our provision for LGBT+ equality, and networking opportunities to discuss our LGBT+ equality strategy with colleagues from other universities and organisations.

Stonewall Diversity Champion


The University of Southampton has a LGBT Network formed in July 2010 by around 30 LGBT staff that came together to share their ideas to support each other, and to work with the University for improved recognition and support. With backing from the Diversity Team and key leaders, the Network has become a successful group which meets regularly to discuss issues its members have encountered, and develop strategies to address them. They also hold regular social gatherings.


We welcome anyone from any gender or sexual minority, and even allies who wish to support our community. Our aim is to provide an inclusive and safe space for LGBT+ students to socialise with one another, allowing them the freedom to discover and express who they are free from judgement.

LGBTQ+ Society

LGBT awareness and acceptance are taken very seriously in the School of Chemistry and LGBT is represented on our Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity team, on which the Head of Chemistry Professor Jon Essex is a member.

Alex Maryan-Instone

Alex Maryan-Instone completed his PhD in Chemistry at Southampton

"It's really important to raise awareness that Chemistry is a career for everyone, not just the outdated stereotype of straight white men in white coats. I know some LGBT students are concerned about whether they will be happy here but I believe that everyone is accepted and respected for what they are at Southampton. Plenty of scientists are gay but not many have come out. Of course, there's no obligation for them to talk about their sexual orientation but some LGBT students say they would appreciate role models to give them reassurance and inspiration and as well as the confidence that they won't be discriminated against. While, we must guard against being complacent, I believe the department at Southampton values all its staff and students, regardless of gender, colour, religion or sexuality."



Royal Society of Chemistry LGBT+ Toolkit

This kit provides the tools for everyone to take part in positive change.

LGBT+ toolkit

Our LGBT+ contact if you wish to discuss any issues is Dr Paul Duckmanton

Dr Paul Duckmanton
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