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Alexander Smith MChem Chemistry with Maths

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Hi, I'm Alexander Smith and I studied MChem Chemistry with Maths within Chemistry at the University of Southampton.

The MChem with Maths course provides a real diversity in teaching styles and module structures.

As an A-level student, I was aware that my strongest subjects were chemistry and maths. After a making the tough choice to read chemistry, I decided to search for a course that combined both subjects (in case I changed my mind). Upon discovering that the University of Southampton offered an MChem with Maths course, I was quick to select it as one of my 5 universities for the UCAS process. It wasn't long before Southampton was my first choice; excelling both in my chosen subject, and my sport.  Upon arrival, I decided there was no reason to change to the straight MChem course - a path I have not strayed from since.

The MChem with Maths course provides a diversity in course material that the MChem course cannot offer. The teaching styles and module structures for Chemistry and Maths are very different from one another; a combination which keeps me on my toes. The scenery on Highfield campus makes studying at Southampton a real pleasure. If you find yourself with a spare hour, there is plenty of outdoor space.

Each working day is on Highfield Campus for both chemistry and maths students. Although this is a campus, it is surrounded by residential housing. This means it is not difficult to find a house less than a 10 minute walk from campus for your 2nd, 3rd and 4th years. If you're unlucky and can't find one, quick and regular university buses go between the city centre and Highfield campus. Having worked for the university bus company (Unilink), it is this ease of access to the city that I like most about living in Southampton.

My career plans are not fully formed yet. Although my potential paths include: working in synthesis for a major chemical company, taking a PGCE in maths, taking a masters in Forensics, and doing a PhD. My options are very broad, but I shall be deciding soon. 

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