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The University of Southampton

Dr Johanne Mbianda PhD

Research fellow

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Dr Johanne Mbianda is a research fellow in chemical biology in the group of Ali Tavassoli at the University of Southampton.

Nature is a source of truth. Be inspired by her delight and her abundance may lead to wonderful and unique results.

After her BSc in chemistry at the University of Bordeaux, Johanne spent her first year of MSc in chemistry for life sciences at the University of Uppsala (ERASMUS). She finished her MSc at the University of Bordeaux and pursued her PhD under the supervision of Dr Gilles Guichard at the European Institute of Chemistry and Biology. She designed and synthesized urea-based foldamers mimicking α-helices of proteins and developed inhibitors of protein-protein interactions involved in cancer. In collaboration with the CEA of Saclay, she expressed the target protein and characterized the interaction with the peptidomimetics using different biophysical techniques.

Research interests

Peptide chemistry, protein-protein interactions, fusion protein, biophysical techniques, chemical biology, synthesis, drug design

PhD Supervision

Dr Gilles Guichard

MPhil/PhD Research

Protein Surface Recognition with Urea-based foldamers: application to the design of ligands targeting histone chaperone proteins
Supervised by Dr Gilles Guichard and Dr Celine Douat

Funding by La Ligue Contre le Cancer

Research Projects

Protein-protein interactions (PPIs) are involved in a multitude of cellular processes and misregulations can lead to several diseases, including cancer. Our research group is at the chemistry-biology interface and a variety of interdisciplinary techniques are used to help understand the fundamentals of cell biology and to develop new therapeutic agents. Peptide-based compounds that target key PPIs are developed and Johanne is involved in the characterization of interactions between inhibitors and target proteins using several biophysical techniques.

Research group

Chemical Biology, Diagnostics and Therapeutics

Affiliate research groups

Computational Systems Chemistry, Education , Electrochemistry, Hayden:HT Screening of Functional Oxides, Magnetic Resonance, Molecular Assembly, Function and Structure, Molecular Diagnostics and Therapeutics, Chemical biology, diagnostics and therapeutics

Dr Johanne Mbianda
Student Office, Building 59, Room1201, University of Southampton, Southampton SO17 1BJ

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