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The University of Southampton
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Dr Martin C Grossel BSc (Lon), MA (Oxon), PhD (Lon)

Emeritus Fellow in Organic Chemistry

Dr Martin C Grossel's photo

Dr Martin C Grossel is Emeritus Fellow in Organic Chemistry within Chemistry at the University of Southampton.

Martin Grossel was an undergraduate at King’s College, London where he graduated with a BSc in 1970 and a PhD in Physical Organic Chemistry under the supervision of Professor M J Perkins. In 1973 he was appointed to a Departmental Assistantship in the Dyson Perrins Laboratory, Oxford coupled with a Teaching Lectureship at Christ Church. He joined the research group of Dr G H Whitham. In 1975 he was awarded an ICI Fellowship in the Dyson Perrins Laboratory working on aspects of alicyclic chemistry. At the same time he was elected to a Research Lectureship (a JRF) at Christ Church.

In 1979 Martin was appointed Lecturer in Organic Chemistry at Bedford College, University of London, (which subsequently became Royal Holloway and Bedford New College) and in 1991 moved to Southampton where he became Reader in Organic Chemistry. Since 1979 he had continued to hold a Lectureship at Christ Church, University of Oxford, and in 1993 he was elected to a College Studentship (= Fellowship). In 2015 he was elected to an Emeritus Fellowship in the University of Southampton and an Emeritus Studentship at Christ Church where he continues as Lecturer in Organic Chemistry.

Martin's current interests range from supramolecular chemistry to materials science and optoelectronics including: (i) the behaviour of organic molecules in the solid state; (ii) functional supramolecular assemblies for optical sensing and improving solar cell performance; and (iii) novel applications of biodegradable and thermoresponsive polymers in medicine. He has a number of successful national and international collaborations, working with Profs Geoffrey Luckhurst, George Attard, and Jeremy Frey (Chemistry), Prof Peter Smith (Optoelectronics), Prof Donna Davies (School of Medicine), and Prof Tom Markvart (Engineering) in Southampton University, Prof Richard Curry (University of Surrey), Prof Brynn Hibbert (Chemistry School, University of New South Wales, Australia), Prof Dirk Aarts (Physical Chemistry) and Prof David Roberts (Medical Sciences) in the University of Oxford, and Prof Tony Cheetham (Materials Department, University of Cambridge).

Research Keywords

Supramolecular chemistry, organic molecular and opto- electronics, crystal engineering, functional polymeric delivery systems

Research interests

Research Funding

2005-2008 “Integrated microsphere planar lightwave circuits”, BBSRC/MOD, £208k. Collaborative grant with Dr. Jan Shute, Pharmacy Department, University of Portsmouth

2005-2009 “Cryogenic Magic Angle Spinning NMR” Basic Technology Grant. Collaborative grant with Prof Malcolm Levitt (principal applicant) + others, £2.8M

Research project(s)

Grossel: New Crystal Engineering Synthons

Grossel: Supramolecular Approaches to Cryogenic NMR Relaxation Agents

Grossel: Biological applications of polymers

Grossel: New materials for Optoelectronics Applications

Dr Martin C Grossel
Chemistry University of Southampton Highfield Southampton SO17 1BJ

Room Number : 30/2047

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