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The University of Southampton

Mr Stuart James Elliott 

Research Fellow

Mr Stuart James Elliott's photo

Stuart is a postdoctoral research fellow the magnetic resonance group of Prof. Malcolm H. Levitt.


Stuart received his PhD in Chemistry from the University of Southampton in 2017.
His PhD research was centred on the topic of long-lived states in nuclear magnetic resonance.
His thesis was entitled: Hyperpolarized long-lived states in monodeuterated methyl groups.
Stuart previously received his masters (and bachelors) in physics from the University of Warwick in 2013.
His master’s thesis was entitled: Structural and physical properties of lead-free ferroelectric solid solutions.

Research interests

  • Stuart’s research interests concern the storage lifetime of nuclear spin order in small molecules, and how their relaxation properties differ from ordinary magnetization.
  • Current interests include extending the lifetime of nuclear spin order in nitrogen-15 spin pairs beyond one hour in room temperature solution and the relaxation properties of oxygen-17 labelled water (and other small molecules) encapsulated inside closed cage fullerenes.
  • Other research interests include: parahydrogen, EPR and hydrogels.

Research group

Magnetic Resonance

NMR Instrument Head NMR Instrument Booking
Mr Stuart James Elliott
Student Office, Building 59, Room1201, University of Southampton, Southampton SO17 1BJ
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