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The University of Southampton

2. Topics

The lectures introduce both fundamental electrochemistry and electrochemical techniques.

Examples of the use of each technique to obtain kinetic and/or thermodynamic parameters are given and experimental difficulties, modern methods of data handling and analysis as well as the selection of appropriate techniques for particular investigations, are discussed.

The practical sessions offer each participant the occasion to carry out five experiments to reinforce the lectures and many opportunities for informal discussion. The experiments illustrate the electrochemical techniques and their application to the study of systems of practical interest, e.g. fuel cells, lithium batteries, sensors, coatings, micro-devices.

Topics covered in the course include:

• Electron transfer

• Mass transport—diffusion, convection, migration—in liquids and solids

• Potential step techniques

• Current - potential characteristics

• Cyclic voltammetry

• Rotating disc electrode

• Microelectrodes

• AC impedance

• Solid state electrochemistry

• Spectroelectrochemistry

• Instrumentation

• Experimental good practice and limitations

Participants receive hard and electronic copies of all lecture materials as well as a copy of an electrochemistry textbook.



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