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The University of Southampton

4. Summer School Programme


The course consists of twenty 40 min lectures/workshops and five 4 hr experiments. Morning and afternoon breaks for tea & coffee are included in the programme. The course offers plenty of opportunities to discuss any electrochemical problems with members of the Southampton Group. The experiments are usually carried out in groups of two or three with a demonstrator to show you the instrumentation and to discuss both the design of the experiment and the interpretation of the results.

The provisional programme for the 2019 Electrochemistry Summer School is given below:


  Sunday, June 23
19:30   Registration and buffet reception  
  Monday, June 24  
09:00   Lecture 1 Introduction
09:40   Lecture 2 Electron transfer
10:20   Coffee  
10:40   Lecture 3 Factors affecting experimental response
11:20   Lecture 4 Time in electrochemistry
12:00   Lunch  
13:15   Practical Session  
18:30   Guided walk  
  Tuesday, June 25  
09:00   Lecture 5 The double layer
09:40   Lecture 6 Design of experiments
10:20   Coffee  
10:40   Lecture 7 Electrochemistry in solids
11:20   Lecture 8 Steady state voltammetry: Rotating disc electrodes and microdisc electrodes
12:00   Lunch  
13:15   Practical Session  
17:15   Free evening  
  Wednesday, June 26  
09:00   Lecture 9 Cyclic voltammetry I
09:40   Lecture 10 Cylclic Voltammetry II
10:20   Coffee  
10:40   Workshop Cyclic Voltammetry III
12:00   Lunch  
13:15   Practical Session  
17:15   Free evening  
  Thursday, June 27  
09:00   Lecture 13  Impedance I
09:40   Lecture 14  Impedance II
10:20   Coffee
10:40   Lecture 15 Impedance III
11:20   Lecture 16 Electrochemical techniques for solid state processes
12:00   Lunch  
13:15   Practical Session  
19:30   Course Dinner  
   Friday, June 28  
08:45   Practical Session  
12:45   Lunch End of Course


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