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Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectroscopy

The NMR spectroscopy facility at Southampton prides itself on offering a fast and comprehensive analytical service.

NMR spectroscopy involves the use of strong magnetic fields and radio frequency radiation to probe the nuclei (and the chemical bonds that link them) in molecules. The dependence of the frequency and multiplicity of the lines observed in the NMR spectrum enable the investigation of the three-dimensional structure of a molecule.

The NMR Spectroscopy Facility
The NMR Spectroscopy Facility

The NMR spectroscopy facility supports Chemistry research with four NMR spectrometers that operate at either 300 MHz or 400 MHz - between these four systems the range of all NMR active nuclei are covered. The principal focus remains on the 1H and 13C nuclei where there is a wide variety of 1D and 2D experimentation available under open access automation.

NMR spectrometry services include:

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NMR Spectroscopy

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