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The University of Southampton

Head of Chemistry is editor-in-chief of a new Supramolecular Chemistry major reference work

Published: 9 February 2012

An 8 volume major reference work Supramolecular Chemistry: From Molecules to Nanomaterials, edited by Head of Chemistry Professor Phil Gale, has been published by scientific, technical, medical, and scholarly publishers, Wiley.

This major new reference work links supramolecular chemistry and nanotechnology, and presents over 150 tutorial articles to explore 'chemistry beyond the molecule'. This is an important field of chemistry, with concepts including molecular self-assembly, folding, molecular recognition, host-guest chemistry, mechanically-interlocked molecular architectures, and dynamic covalent chemistry being demonstrated by its principles.

Editors-in-Chief Phil Gale from Southampton and Jonathan Steed from Durham University, were joined by a global team of experts to compile an overview of the concepts and techniques of modern supramolecular chemistry, demonstrating how these paradigms evolve into nanoscale systems chemistry, nanotechnology, materials science and beyond.

Phil says: "Creating that link between the chemist's understanding of the way in which molecules interact with one another, and the understanding a materials scientist, engineer or biologist has of the resulting properties of a material or system comprised of those molecules is one of the huge grand challenges facing modern molecular science. I hope this set of publications will provide a valuable resource for students and practicing scientists alike."

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