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The University of Southampton

Southampton’s chemists invest in the future

Published: 28 June 2013

The University of Southampton’s investment of millions of pounds on new laboratory kit is supporting researchers in pushing the boundaries of knowledge. The most powerful X-ray diffractometer in the world together with impressive nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and mass spectrometry equipment is helping educate the next generation of research chemists.

Partners such as Rigaku, which makes much of the instrumentation at the Southampton Diffraction Centre and National Crystallography Service, have supplied state-of-the-art equipment to support academic and industrial researchers in analysing crystal structures, making Southampton's laboratories among the best-equipped in the UK.

A new postgraduate taught degree in Instrumental Analytical Chemistry is now on offer at the University of Southampton to enable graduates to gain the essential skills in using these advanced analytical techniques in rewarding managerial and scientific careers in industry and academia around the world. During the MSc programme, students will also learn to be enterprising lab managers, maximising the use of the facilities, achieving good data management and understanding data mining.


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