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The University of Southampton

Hierarchical tubes in tube Titanium dioxide nanostructures prepared by electrophoretic deposition

Multiscale micro and nanostructured hierarchical structures can be defined as materials characterised by the simultaneous control of its morphology in micro- and nanoscale. Such hierarchical materials can be found in abundance in various natural biological systems in which mutiscale geometry renders an improved mechanical, transport and surface area properties. These hierarchical materials have already been considered as 3-D electrodes for lithium batteries or gas sensors, support for catalyst and coatings with controlled wetness. However, further widening of the range of applications would require a development new facile method of fabrication such multiscale materials.

We have explored various methods of incorporation of titanate nanotubes (TiNT) into macroporous structures (eg. TiO2 nanotubes array or ZnO nanorods arrays) in order to obtain multiscale hierarchical architecture. The benefits of such systems are to be discussed.


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