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The University of Southampton

Southampton Supramolecular Chemistry Symposium 2016 Event

10:00 - 17:30
24 June 2016
Avenue Campus, University of Southampton, SO17 1BF

For more information regarding this event, please email Steve Goldup at .

Event details

The Southampton Supramolecular Chemistry Symposium 2016 is focussed on early career researchers (PhD and PDRA) working in supramolecular chemistry. This free one-day symposium is a great opportunity for PhDs and postdocs to present their research and network with their peers and leaders within the supramolecular field.


9:30 Registration and Coffee 

10.00 First oral session

Jamie Lewis (University of Southampton)

Facile Iterative Synthesis of Oligo[n]rotaxanes 

Gregory Clixby (University of Sheffield)

Studies Towards a Self-Replicating Porphyrin System

V. Santolini (Imperial College London)

Topological Design of Porous Organic Cages 

Mark Freely (Queen Mary University of London)

Assembly of DNA-Wrapped SWCNT-Protein Hydrids

Simon Coles (National Crystallographic Service)

11.00 Poster session

13.00 Second oral session

Ignacio Insua (University of Birminingham)

Supramolecular assembly of enzymeresponsive nanoparticles with targeted antimicrobial activity

Xin Wu (University of Southampton)

Valinomycin for chloride: Nonprotonophoric electrogenic chloride carriers

Romain Mailhot (Loughborough University)

Tuning selectivity between polyphosphate anions using fluorescent metal complexes

Christopher G. P. Taylor (University of Sheffield)

Trapping, Detection and Destruction of Nerve Agent Simulants within Supramolecular Cages

Mark Sambrook (Defence Science and Technology Laboratory)

Supramolecular chemistry of chemical warfare agents: from fundamental understanding to hazard mitigation

14.00 Poster session

15.30 Third oral session

Daniel J. Cornwell (University of York)

Photopatterned Multidomain Multicomponent Gels

Laura Mears (University of Liverpool)

Drying Peptide Hydrogels: a SANS study

F. Fasano (Cardiff University)

Borazine Doped Polyphenylenes

Sam Bradberry (Queen’s University Belfast)

Lanthanide Luminescent Logic – functional organic scaffolds and soft polymers gels as logic gate mimics

Julian Rose (Directed Assembly Network)

RSC Plenary Lecture

16.30 Professor AP de Silva (Queens University)

Fluorescent Sensing and Logic Systems

17.30 Closing Remarks, Prizes and Wine Reception



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