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Vice-Chancellor awards in Chemistry and Biologcal Science

Congratulations to two of our Faculty teams for winning Vice-Chancellor’s awards this year.

They are Dr Thomas Logothetis and colleagues in the Chemistry Practical Teaching Laboratory and Richard Reid and the BRF Technical Team in Biological Sciences and Medicine

Thomas along with Michael Corbett, Colin Flowers , John Fosbraey and Nadine Hill were recognised for the huge feat of redesigning 40 experiments in the last year, enabling changes which have been received with enthusiasm by students.
“I felt gratitude for being nominated and happy about our great effort being acknowledged,” says Thomas.
Dr Jeremy Hinks nominated the team. He says: “Chemistry at Southampton has undergone considerable change over the last two years. Our undergraduates have appreciated how their time in the laboratories has been made more useful and efficient in the new one day per week model. They value the more focused teaching that is provided by the new style of course.”

The BRF Technical Team, which supports research in Biological Sciences and Medicine also won one of the team awards. Through a major move into the IfLS building this team went above and beyond expectations to maintain their service to academics through a period of huge change.

Richard Reid, BRF Operations Manager, said: “It was good to have the opportunity to get together at a formal occasion and to meet the Vice-Chancellor. The award has been excellent for team building and staff morale.” His team are Alison Newland, Miriam Atkinson, Michael Broome, Miseal Camacho, Maureen Cochrane, Andrew Crocker, Melanie Dunscombe, Vikki Field, Jane Joyce, Lesley Lawes, Samantha Martin, Gordon Phillips, Caroline Smith, Kerry Taylor and Lisa Todd.

The Vice-Chancellor’s Awards give everyone an opportunity to nominate a remarkable individual or team that they work with and to highlight to the Vice-Chancellor and the wider University community the exceptional nature of their contributions.

Celebrating success
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