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Complex socio-ecological systems research theme meeting on 'Modelling time-series' Seminar

25 September 2012
Building 44 Room 2103

For more information regarding this seminar, please email Alison Simmance at .

Event details

A seminar from the Computational Modelling Group

Modelling time-series An informal meeting for those interested in discussing different approaches to modelling time-series ¬ - statistical, monitored, palaeo data. The meeting is prompted by recent research in Geography and Environment where we have applied different techniques to palaeoecological data in order to answer three types of questions:

  • Do my data show a critical transition, threshold, tipping point, step change ¬ in other words a statistically significant (phase) shift from one state to another?
  • Can my response time series (eg. vegetation change) be explained as a complex response to multiple drivers (e.g. climate and human activity)?
  • Can my response time-series be used to forecast the recent future based on the structure of the existing time-series (e.g. moving average, cyclicity)?

All staff and PGRs are welcome to contribute to discussions - expert and non-experts.

Please register for the meeting by contacting the Sustainability Science at Southampton research co-ordinator Alison Simmance:

A seminar from our Computational Modelling Group

Bringing together Southampton university researchers using applied Computational Modelling to support the understanding and advancement of physical and natural sciences, engineering, medicine, economy, society, psychology,

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Speaker information

Professor John Dearing,Professor in Physical Geography

Dr James Dyke,Electronics and Computer Science

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