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The University of Southampton

Chemistry Staff Seminar Series Seminar

10 April 2013
Building 27, Rom 2003 Chemistry Highfield University of Southampton SO17 1BJ

For more information regarding this seminar, please email Dr Darren Bradshaw at .

Event details

Staff from chemistry present seminars of their own choice, reflecting the divergence of research being undertaken within chemistry.

Graeme Day: Global lattice energy minimisation as an aid in crystal structure determination

Global lattice energy minimisation methods have been developed for predicting molecular crystal structures. I will discuss the capabilities of these methods using examples where the computational methods have been combined with experimental data (X-ray powder diffraction, transmission electron diffraction or solid state NMR) to facilitate structure determination.

Ali Tavassoli: Synthetic biology for drug discovery: cyclic peptide inhibitors of protein-protein interactions

We detail the use of a bacterial high-throughout screening platform for the discovery of protein-protein interaction inhibitors form libraries of over a hundred million cyclic peptides.

Speaker information

Dr Graeme Day,Royal Society University Research Fellow, Reader in Computational Modelling of Molecular Systems

Dr Ali Tavassoli,Reader in Chemical Biology

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